Understanding Printing Prices & Factors That Determine Cost

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Many businesses are unable to accurately calculate how much they spend monthly on printing. They will often reason that there are too many variables involved that they are unable to measure, or control. But what if you could?

In order to gain a greater understanding about printing prices, let’s take a look at what is involved in influencing them, including: 

Understanding the Basics of Print Costs

First and foremost, you’ll need a printing device. Based upon the needs of your business you’ll select either a single function or multi-function printer (MFP). While single-function printers were more common in years past, today’s modern offices are typically equipped with MFPs. These handy devices can be configured as a printer, in addition to being a copier, scanner or fax machine. Or even all four functions within the same device!

Also, be sure to do your research on MFP brands. And remember that initial cost is not the only factor, as reliable equipment that resists breakdowns can be less costly in the long run.

Keypoint Intelligence’s BLI Awards are another source of information. These awards are based on results from lab testing or market research.

Factors That Influence Printing Prices

There are also several factors to consider depending on how (and how much) you will be using your MFP.

Let’s consider color. Do you need color, even occasionally? Or do you only print in B&W?

Studies have shown that printing in full-color can increase memory recall. In fact, one research study found that color can increase brand recognition by 80%.  More colors mean more versatility, however it also raises the cost per page of your project.

How many pages you print per month is also a factor. Businesses who work with Managed Print Services (MPS) providers typically will have an estimated monthly number of printed pages worked into their MPS contract. If the actual number of printed pages exceeds this monthly allotment, an overage fee could be charged.

Paper size is also a key factor. Business MFPs in the U.S., most commonly accommodate letter/legal/A4 paper sizes. However, models for ledger/tabloid/A3-sized paper are also available. In addition, using quality paper can be costly up front, but that cost could prevent more expensive printer paper jams or repairs. 

Options to Consider

Basic printing involves fusing toner to paper. But there are a multitude of finishing options that can be added to a standard MFP to make your printed project shine. Some of these options include:

  • Stapler
  • Three-hole punch
  • Booklet finisher
  • Folding unit
  • Additional paper trays

In addition, consider supplies and service for your MFP. You could order replacement toner cartridges yourself as well as perform other maintenance tasks. Or you could enlist the assistance of a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. A MPS provider can service your devices, perform routine maintenance while on site and connect software to your devices that will estimate when your toner cartridge will be empty. Some MPS providers even offer just-in-time automatic toner ordering and delivery, for ultimate convenience.

Benefits of Working with an MPS Provider for Cost Efficiency

Working with an MPS provider can show you the real cost of your printing budget, streamline your printing processes, increase employee efficiency and save resources too!

In fact, businesses of all sizes often save money by working with an MPS provider. The expertise an MPS provider brings to their customers, is invaluable. They can conduct a needs assessment to evaluate your current printing environment and recommend changes to streamline processes and reach your goals, faster.

If you are looking to create a more predictable print fleet cost structure for your monthly budget, working with an MPS provider, is the way to go!

Rein in Your Print Costs

Want to get a handle on your printing costs? Contact the experts at Gordon Flesch Company. Our Managed Print Services will help you get rid of print-related headaches and put you back on track to concentrate on your business goals.

We offer the best in office printer technology, enhanced security options, timely service, just-in-time toner replenishment and in-house leasing options. We are your partner for the full lifecycle of your print fleet. 


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