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Canon vs. Brother Laser Printers: Which One Is Better?

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While there are multiple brands of laser printers, two well-known industry names are Canon and Brother. These competitors have some similarities but, there are also stark differences.

In this review, we’ll take a look at these two print manufacturers, their products and notable industry awards.

If you are in the market for a laser printer, be sure to choose wisely as you will be relying on your new equipment for at least the next few years. In fact, if your organization’s needs change minimally in the years to come, a quality printer could serve you well for a decade or more.

Here’s what you need to know when comparing Canon and Brother laser printers.

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Manufacturers Are More Than a Brand Name

When selecting a printer for your business, make sure to investigate the manufacturer and the reliability of their products. It’s better to take time to do your research upfront, than to purchase a printer that will not fit your needs or may need frequent repairs.

Canon has a long history of manufacturing reliable, innovative technologies – including laser printers.

In fact, leveraging strengths in digital printing technology and its global sales and service network, Canon is aiming to become the global leader in office and home printer solutions. In addition, the company plans to further expand its commercial printing business and fortify its industrial printing business with its wide range of printers.

Laser printers manufactured by Brother, tend to be smaller machines at a relatively low price point. They can also sometimes be expensive to repair compared to the cost of the machine. Many times repair costs have overshadowed the cost of a new machine and businesses have been at the mercy of the often dismal answer to the question, “What do you currently have in stock?” Also, while the drum on Brother’s laser printers is replaceable, many have found that it tends to have a shorter lifespan than the manufacturer intended. This means that your total cost of ownership may be higher than you expected due to having to replace the drum more frequently than other similar printers.

Range of Products

Canon offers powerful, integrated solutions for global organizations and small workgroups, alike. Whether you are looking for an A3 or an A4 laser printer, production print machine or large format printer, you’ll find a Canon model that will serve you well. In addition, Canon debuted four new desktop printers in 2023, designed to bridge the gap between remote, hybrid and in-office workers.

Brother’s current laser printer models focus on small businesses and home offices. While these models may work for single worker or small business groups, they often do not have the expansion capabilities, specialty features or production abilities required by modern offices. 

Industry Awards

While Brother has occasionally won a Buyers Lab (BLI) pick award for a printer model in their product line in past years, Canon’s trophy case is much larger.

In addition to individual awards for specific models, Canon has brought home some sweeping printer product line awards as well.

Canon’s awards include the BLI 2022 A3 Line of the Year award, BLI 2021 A4 Line of the Year award and the 2022-2024 Special BLI Most Reliable A3 Brand award from Keypoint Intelligence. In fact, Canon has won BLI Product Line of the Year awards five out of the past seven years.

BLI Line of the Year awards salute the companies that provide a broad range of hardware or software and whose products consistently performed above average throughout testing. Keypoint Intelligence analysists and technicians consider ease of use, features and value across an entire portfolio for that product area. 

How Canon Is Better Than Brother

With a larger range of printing products, more industry awards, reliable machines and a commitment to innovative technologies, Canon is a winner for both small and large organizations, alike.

That’s why Canon is the perfect choice whether you are searching for a single laser printer or a printer fleet across multiple locations.

In fact, Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) has been a certified, full-service Canon dealer since 1980 and is now the number one independent Canon dealer in the nation. By choosing GFC and Canon you benefit from the strongest, closest manufacturer-dealer relationship in the nation.

And with over 150 Canon-certified service engineers on staff, you can count on Canon and GFC to deliver the best hardware and software in the industry.

Click the link below to download your free print audit checklist to assess your current printers and their repair costs. This checklist will give you a better idea to see if it’s time to rethink your print technology.

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