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5 Ways AI Is Changing the Managed Print Industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular topic in many industries – including Managed Print. In fact, AI has become an integral part of many office printers and the software that supports these devices.

This technology has expanded in recent years and is helping print users and their administrators do more with less. AI helps to identify and reduce inefficiencies that could otherwise waste time and money.

Here’s some key ways that AI is changing the Managed Print industry:

  1. Paper Alignment and Image Quality
  2. Predictive Analytics for Just-in-Time Toner Replacement
  3. Reports for Maximizing Fleet Efficiency
  4. Monitoring Endpoints for Suspicious Behaviors
  5. Voice Operation Options

1. Paper Alignment and Image Quality

Some of today’s large format printers have implemented AI for intelligent media handling. This technology assists with paper loading and automatically analyzes the type of paper to optimize initial print settings.

In fact, printers of various types and sizes, including office multifunctional printers (MFPs) are using AI to increase image quality and color consistency while using a high-speed image processing engine. Additional uses for AI differ by manufacturer and device model, but also may include advanced security features and improvements in operational design. 

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2. Predictive Analytics for Just-in-Time Toner Replacement

AI is well-known for being skilled in predictive analytics. That’s why managed print software such as FM Audit Utility is perfect for collecting daily device use information and estimating when a toner cartridge will be depleted. How a business uses this software is up to them, but it is common to set an automatic notification or order for more toner when a cartridge is estimated to have a 20 day supply of toner left. This method works well to deliver a new toner cartridge before the old one runs out – less hassle and increased device uptime.

As a side note, if a low toner warning message is displayed take out the toner cartridge shake it and reinstall in order to ensure that all of the toner is used, before recycling the empty cartridge.

AI-enabled technology is also being used to make other predictions, such as the need for scheduled maintenance. Data has shown that algorithms are effective in making these predictions so that network administrators can schedule maintenance when needed and at more convenient times that will reduce the chances for office worker disruption.

3. Reports for Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

The predictive power of AI can also be used to gain additional insights about a print fleet – whether that be within one building or over a network of branch locations, nationwide.

At GFC, our Business Analysts know how to harness the abilities of AI and interpret data to show the efficiencies of your print fleet and identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement. Knowing who is printing, how they are printing, what they are printing and when they are printing, really paints a picture of not only your current usage but offers insight into potential minor (or major) changes that could be made to increase print fleet security, efficiencies and employee productivity.

GFC’s imageCARE+ Business Reviews (part of the imageCARE+ Service Program) provide customers with a chance to sit down with their GFC Account Executive, review data and strategize how to make better use of their print fleet.

This is a service that many other Managed Print Service providers do not offer.

In fact, GFC’s imageCARE+ Service Program is designed to help you reduce inefficient printing behaviors, streamline service visits and promote increased productivity. At GFC, we are here to assist you in designing a print fleet that evolves with the needs of your changing business. 

4. Monitoring Endpoints for Suspicious Behaviors

Identifying a potential cyberattack can be tricky. And cyberthreats often strike during non-working hours. That’s why you need AI-enabled systems to monitor your network 24/7. Remember that your cybersecurity plan should include all of your endpoints – including your printer fleet.

It’s essential for any business to know, understand and address their cybersecurity risk. For more information on how to do this, contact GFC’s Managed IT division, Elevity

5. Voice Operation Options

Many of today’s business MFPs can be configured to include assistive options such as voice operation. Using a microphone and an external speaker, a user can speak to the device’s AI system, give selected commands and hear audible confirmation of their choices, all while operating the device.

Hassle-Free Print Management

Looking to modernize your print fleet with more uptime and fewer headaches? GFC can remove the stress of updating, maintaining and repairing your printers so your IT Team can get back to doing what they do best.

You’ll also have access to the myGFC app and the myGFC portal with dashboards to monitor your print fleet 24/7 along with access to report and track any of your service needs.

In fact, did you know that Gordon Flesch Company does more than just printers? Our professionals take all business technology into consideration when evaluating your business needs. Take advantage of your fresh, outside perspective and request a free business technology needs assessment today! 

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