How Schools Use Large Format Printers

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The human brain processes visual aids into actionable meanings, faster than verbal communications. That’s why the use of large format printers can help harness the power of visuals for your school.

Studies have found that creating visual explanations, improves learning. Visual aids have been found to increase the interest of students, encourage information retention and aid in better learning.

Schools have leveraged visual learning through a variety of technology. One is the use of materials printed on large format printers. In fact, large format printers are becoming more common as a part of school technology upgrades. Many have discovered that printing their own large format materials in-house has streamlined their project timelines and included cost savings compared to print outsourcing.

MANAGED PRINT CASE STUDY: Racine Unified School District

Here’s some excellent ways to incorporate more visuals in your school’s learning environment.

Health and Safety Signage

Health and safety signage can be used as a powerful reminder at the location where it is needed. Consider floor decals to direct foot traffic or clings placed on bathroom mirrors to remind students to wash their hands. The entrance to your school is also a perfect spot for large signs to welcome students and inform them (in a fun and playful manner) of health and safety protocols.

Whether it be for the cafeteria, gymnasium, theatre, library, hallway, classroom or other space in your school, creative and colorful signs can make a meaningful impact on the day-to-day lives of your students.

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Event Banners

Celebrate the highlights of your school year with banners! Create bold, vibrant banners with high-quality images and amazing clarity. Show your school pride, advertise an upcoming school play or sporting event – the options are endless. And when your school wins a notable championship, create a banner not only for a celebratory pep rally, but for long-term display to energize future students.

Classroom Posters

Are you a talented teacher with an idea? Make a poster! Color is great to catch the interest of your students. But did you know that there are affordable large format printers that feature room for a fluorescent pink ink cartridge to expand your traditional CMYK color gamut? It’ll make your posters pop!

In addition, Canon’s large format printers come with PosterArtist Lite poster creation software featuring an easy-to-use graphic interface and a wide range of customizable templates. So simple, anyone can be their own designer.

Teaching Aids

Large format printers are perfect for producing materials to decorate your classroom and creating teaching aids. Projects to consider could include a classroom-sized game board, monthly calendars for bulletin boards or galleries of photos from school outings. You could even assist your students with colorful customized maps, alphabet charts for memorization or other handy large visuals.

Window, Wall and Floor Décor

Large format printers can often print on paper of varying thicknesses and some models even allow other substrates such as vinyl. Get creative! Consider adding informational graphics to classroom walls, hallway floors and building windows.

Which Large Format Printer Is Best for my School?

There are a variety of large format printer brands and models that a school could choose to select. Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) works with leading industry brand names, such as Canon. In fact, GFC has been a certified, full-service Canon dealer for over 43 years and is one of Canon’s largest and most innovative partners.

You can trust GFC to assist you in finding the most accessible and affordable large format printer to fit your needs and your school’s budget. In addition to large format printers, GFC also offers a full line of copiers, printers and other technology solutions for schools.

Contact us today to learn more about how Gordon Flesch Company can help your school streamline technology processes and assist your staff to do what they do best – educate students!

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