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by Gordon Flesch Company, on 12/14/2020


Dairy Connection supplies the cultures and enzymes needed to turn milk into cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. When supplying these ingredients to dairy producers, the company also needs to provide certificates in compliance with food safety laws. That job became even more difficult in 2011 when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) added new paperwork requirements.


Dairy Connection’s customers include small or artisanal producers as well as multinational agricultural giants. The company must provide Certificates of Analysis for food safety inspections for all ingredients it sells. These certificates certify that each batch has been tested and is free of pathogens. “When a delivery goes out, any one product might have multiple lot numbers, each with a different certificate,” says Katie Phillips, Operations Manager, Dairy Connection. “We would need a full-time employee just to track and manage these certificates if we had to do it manually.”


The Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) was able to help Dairy Connection create an automated process so that the appropriate order numbers and certificates are organized in a Laserfiche folder. The system creates metadata to ensure the correct forms and invoices can be tracked and sent to the appropriate customers. “Large, corporate dairy producers insist that you provide all of the paperwork with every delivery, or they can’t work with you,” says Phillips. Because of our Laserfiche system, we are able to work with the biggest customers and compete with anyone in our industry.”


Thanks to the system, Phillips has been able to expand and add new capabilities. GFC helped Katie attend the Laserfiche Empower User Conference where she could learn about the latest features and functionality. “I am a do-it-yourselfer, and I got to watch the GFC design team and learn how to do a lot of things myself,” she says. “I’ve been learning how to add forms and design workflows. If I get stuck, I can always call the GFC team for help.”

eKatie-jpg-1GFC didn’t just sell us software, they taught me how to use Laserfiche, so we’ll keep growing and improving our workflows.
— Katie Phillips
Operations Manager, Dairy Connection


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