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When is it Time to Retire Your Copier or Printer?

John Meier

Your office printer or copier is the ultimate team player. It is always ready, patiently waiting in power save mode until it gets called on to help you print, scan, send, or store your documents.

But just like a baseball pitcher or racehorse, office printers tend to slow down as they age. I understand that most people feel that as long as a printer or multifunction device is working, there is no need to replace it, right? Though it may be hard to retire a reliable workhorse, the fact is, every printer or MFP needs to be replaced sometime. The trick is knowing when to make that call.


Our GFC service technicians know that when properly maintained, most professional grade copiers or printers will last much, much longer than the manufacturers predict. In fact, some machines we service are only retired because the manufacturer no longer supports the machine, or it becomes impossible to find components or supplies for it.

Most people never think about a copier or printer until there is a problem. That is when productivity goes down and frustration goes up. But if you do the math, you might be surprised by how much an old copier is costing you in lost productivity, staff frustration and money. If your copier or printer is down more than often than it is up, it is time to upgrade.


It happens to everyone. Time passes by, and technology continually changes. It is challenging to keep up with the trends and understand the latest acronyms and terminology that surround us. The same thing happens to office technology. Once equipment gets close to 5 years old, we find that it does not interact with other devices or technologies as well. Sometimes older copiers and printers have a hard time connecting to your Wi-Fi, local area network or communicating properly with the latest Network OS.

You may also find that your enterprise devices are not as integrated as they could be to help automate your daily workflows. If you use a cloud-based document management system such as Laserfiche, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, machines over 5 years old might not be able to support direct integration. Upgrading your old devices opens a new world of opportunity for you to become more efficient, streamlined, and productive.


Imagine your confidential employee, customer or patient information getting into the wrong hands. If your device is getting older, it is more susceptible to being compromised by hackers enabling them to get through to obtain your sensitive data. Old technology is often no longer supported and updated by the manufacturer and may lack security features like on board antivirus, encryption, authentication, secure print, or password protection. If your copier is not up to the latest security standards or is no longer supported by the manufacturer, the time to upgrade is now.


For most printer manufacturers, there has been something of an eco-revolution in the past decade. For example, Canon has been an ENERGY STAR partner for over 20 years, offering more than 200 ENERGY STAR certified products that incorporate advanced energy-efficient technologies without compromising features or performance. Energy-efficient technologies include energy-saver mode, automatic duplex settings and low sleep power consumption. These features can help meet your company’s environmental goals, reduce waste, and save hundreds of dollars each month with lower utility costs. Reduced energy costs are just another reason to refresh your outdated tired devices.


With older copier equipment, it is not uncommon to have blurred or faded print, unusual spots, or marks and background on your output. Over time, components get worn and the device does not work as well as it did when it was new. Our technicians practice preventative maintenance, replacing these key components before they wear out, but after 5 years’ time every machine will show its age. If your copies are not as clean and clear as your original, it could be time to make the call for an upgrade.

GFC believes that retiring old devices and replacing them with new multi-function printers not only frees up extra space in the office but it can also improve your document workflow and save money. We can help you create the perfect equipment and service solution to optimize your fleet and improve your printing and copying environment while saving you money. Our outstanding contracts team will then help you reduce invoicing hassles by creating a customized, easy to read invoice. Contact Us today if you want to save money, improve security and update to technology that will help you become more effective performing daily workflow tasks your office desires.

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