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Reduce Overhead Print Costs: Give Yourself the Gift of Managed Print Services in 2020

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All businesses need new and innovative ways to control costs in an unpredictable world. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, businesses also recognize the need to transform their operations and capabilities with new technologies.

In fact, Deloitte surveyed 1,200 senior executives across all major global regions and industries and found 71 percent planned to undertake cost-reduction initiatives over the next 24 months. But the same survey also found executives hope to launch new digital technologies over the next 24 months. How can companies cut costs while also absorbing the costs of digital transformations? 

We have one simple suggestion – managed print. It’s a digital transformation for your print networks that also cuts costs. By providing more analytics, management features and smarter deployments, MPS can reduce costs while boosting productivity. If you don’t believe us, just check out the examples below.

Savings on Supplies

The most obvious benefit of a managed print service is the cost savings on supplies like paper and toner. A good managed print services provider will do an audit of your print usage and give you a complete cost analysis, showing where a company can save on paper and printing material. A good MPS provider can provide Just-in-Time delivery of toner and materials so companies don’t have to waste money and space stocking print supplies.

For example, Sauk Prairie Healthcare operates a hospital and three surgical specialty practices in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin as well as four primary care clinics in the surrounding communities. Gordon Flesch Company’s (GFC) analysts helped eliminate unnecessary machines and standardize on select models of copiers and printers. Additionally, the organization adopted GFC’s Just-in-Time delivery system. This will allow Sauk Prairie Healthcare to eliminate stockpiled supplies and receive toner just as the machines needs it. In fact, this service has allowed the company to empty out a 4-foot by 4-foot pile of old toner and supplies that had been gathering dust in the main office for years.

Savings in Equipment

Managed print services also help companies eliminate redundant and underused equipment, as well as lower maintenance and service costs. It’s like leasing a car, with all the scheduled maintenance covered so you never have to worry about a breakdown. And if there is a device failure, the MPS provides is at the ready to service the machine quickly and efficiently.

One recent GFC customer, Velocity Urgent Care was able to reduce overhead and control costs by deploying fewer machines even as the company grows. The company is a fast-growing medical provider in Virginia which has grown from 7 clinics to 15 locations (including an administrative office) in just 2 years. At the start off this process, Velocity Urgent Care had 30 printers for 8 locations. Today the company has 15 locations but just 41 machines. By deploying the machines strategically, the company does the same volume of work but with fewer machines.

Save on IT Costs

One of the biggest savings is in printer management. How much time does the average IT manager have to spend dealing with routine printings issues? An MPS provider monitors printers and handles routine service problems – all you do is add the paper.

One of our customers, a small non-profit in Illinois called Mutual Ground, was able to save on IT costs by adopting our Managed Print and Managed IT services. Our analysts made an inventory of all machines in the company’s office, and now our imageCARE Managed Print program tracks and manages all print-related expenses to fit their tight budget. With this service in place, the company no longer needs an IT person on staff for printer repairs and upkeep.

Save Money AND the Environment

Let’s also not forget that MPS offers a greener printing solution. The average office worker wastes about 10 percent of printed paper. MPS reduces paper consumption and consumables like toner with more efficient use of printers.  More efficient (i.e. newer) equipment means less waste and more efficient use of power, which lowers the carbon footprint.

Of course, one of the most attractive aspects of MPS for many companies is predictable costs.

By adopting a monthly service contract there are no surprises and customers don’t have to worry about unexpected service fees or having to replace outmoded equipment. The cost of printing remains stable and easier to budget. To learn more, contact us today for a free, no-obligation Managed Print Needs Assessment!

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