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Managed Print Services: What If I Still Like My Old Printers?

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When organizations consider a Managed Print service, the first question a lot of people want answers to is, “What happens to my old printers?” We understand – a lot of your old machines probably work fine, and it might not make sense to replace them just yet.

Can you use your existing print devices with a new service provider? The short answer is, “Yes.” However, there are other questions you should ask that are even more important.

Asking the Right Questions 

As a Managed Print provider, we have the flexibility to adopt most printer fleets. Not all providers service all types of printers, but we can service just about any machine until it needs to be replaced. Your most useful machines will not be put out to pasture before their time. But, before you decide next steps for your existing printer fleet, you should ask:

  • Are your printers draining your IT resources?
  • Do you know how much it costs to maintain your existing printer fleet?
  • Are you operating redundant print devices, and do you know how much your printers are being used?
  • Can you control security risks associated with confidential documents and need to impose user restrictions? 
  • Are you wasting money on unnecessary printing? 

Just because an old machine is still in generally good operating condition doesn’t mean it should be kept around. The whole point in partnering with a Managed Print provider is to identify potential cost savings, increase uptime and manage the security of your entire printer fleet. Of greatest importance is ensuring your machines are doing the work needed to run your business at peak efficiency.

Most organizations have no idea how machines are being used and how much they’re costing in paper, electricity, toner and repairs. For example, we worked with a large school district that had 109 multifunction machines and 2,100 single function printers across 32 schools. After we worked with them to take a closer look at how much those machines were actually being used, the district was able to reduce its fleet to just four single function printers and 319 multifunction machines to accomplish the same workload. According to the district’s annual report, this changeover resulted in an annual cost savings of $70,000 in addition to a $92,000 energy rebate.

Getting Your Arms Around It All

Implementing a Managed Print service isn’t just about creating a single invoice for managing all your print devices. Many managed programs offer simplified billing, but don’t address fundamental issues such as erroneous invoices, chronic supply management issues and inefficient print behaviors. 

Managed Print exists to maximize the efficiency of every print device connected to your network. Achieving these results starts with assessing your printer fleet using a meter collection tool and mapping all the assets to assess how they’re being employed. One of the most important tools of a Managed Print service is the “scope of services” document. This document will help you get your arms around spending and gives visibility into the entire fleet. It shows you all the different models, supplies and usage metrics for every device on your network. Your scope of services document can help identify and eliminate more and more inefficiencies and pain points until a print environment is truly and fully managed.

So yes, you can keep your existing print devices. But make sure you’re using those printers in the most effective way. An important question to ask is not just if you can use your existing printers, but how to use them. In so many cases, we find that it’s less expensive, more productive and all-around effective to integrate the best of your old fleet, upgrade machines as needed and mix in new machines until you have the best-of-everything.

Managed Print is ideal for controlling costs and can help ensure that your machines are helping you better serve your clients. To see how such a print partnership can benefit your company, download the Major Signs You Need Managed Print below. Then, reach out to the experts at the Gordon Flesch Company for a free, no obligation assessment of your company’s print environment.

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