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Do you know where your office’s ink and toner come from?

There’s a good chance it’s delivered by the same company that sold you your printers. There’s also a chance that your ink and toner supplier could do a lot more for your business than just deliver ink and toner cartridges. (And we don’t just mean delivering staples too.)

For the most part, ink and toner are typically only a small part of an office technology company’s service offerings. As one of the nation’s largest office technology companies (and the largest independent dealership for both Canon and Lexmark products), we know that your printer supply partner can almost surely do more than deliver more than ink, toner, paper or staples.

A printer and office technology provider like Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) is more like a one-stop shop for all of your office technology and managed service needs.

In which ways can GFC help you streamline your office processes? Here’s how: 

By bundling multiple services, you can leverage your partnership with GFC to solve your toughest business challenges.

Managed Print Services

Sure, printing devices and ink or toner delivery are standard offerings for a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider – but are you leveraging the full breadth of their MPS services?

At GFC, we’re here to help you reach your business goals – faster. We offer a free needs assessment to determine if there are any gaps or opportunities for improvement within your printer fleet. Addressing these needs early could help to increase productivity, enhance cybersecurity, improve employee focus and save money.

Many of our customers choose to add print monitoring analytics and user tracking to their MPS contracts. In addition, these options pair well with just-in-time toner delivery to estimate when your toner cartridge may run out and automatically deliver a fresh cartridge to you before it is empty.

And in the event that your printing device malfunctions, you’ll be able to quickly request assistance from a skilled, local service technician.

Your MPS provider is your source for strategic business technology solutions.

Managed Voice

Managed Voice Services (also known as Unified Communications) is an all-in-one system that brings together multiple communication channels (e.g., phone, video, messaging, file sharing) into a single, streamlined platform that is managed and monitored by a service provider.

Found to be a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses, Managed Voice is a perfect solution for bridging the gap between in-office workers, remote employees and customers.

Managed IT

Businesses of all sizes need a proactive and strategic approach to technology, support and security. Check with your MPS provider, as many also offer Managed IT Services, specializing in cybersecurity, strategy, consulting and virtual Chief Information Officer services.

Leasing and Financing Solutions

Looking to buy, rent or lease your office technology? MPS providers often have options. Check them out!

For instance, GFC offers in-house leasing options such as:

  • Lease lengths from 12 to 63 months
  • Step payment or deferred payment lease terms
  • No hidden fees or surprises for end-of-term buyouts
  • Leasing available for a variety of business assets

Production Print

Most people think MPS providers just have office printers and copiers. But many also offer high volume and wide format production printing devices and finishing solutions, too. These models are designed for high-impact business, industrial and marketing output.

The sky’s the limit for your creativity. Got a project in mind? Contact your MPS provider to learn more about available solutions.

Thermal Printers

Manufacturers and others who need durable labels for products and shipping purposes, love thermal printers. Direct thermal printers print directly on specialized material (e.g., thermal paper, thermal labels, etc.), while thermal transfer printers use a thermal transfer ribbon and can print on a wide range of materials including paper, polyester and plastic. Whether you need a mobile, desktop or industrial-sized thermal printer, MPS providers often offer a wide selection.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are becoming a staple in the modern office workspace. They are an essential part of effective meeting collaboration whether your attendees are in-person, remote or a mix of both. When your team needs a high-quality Interactive Display for innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration in real time – contact your MPS provider.

The Gordon Flesch Company is a complete office technology partner with solutions to fit businesses of all sizes. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a needs assessment. We take the worry out of managing your office equipment, phones and IT needs. 

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