20 Types of Business Equipment You Can Lease

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These days more than ever, businesses of all sizes are constantly evolving. Among the many challenges this presents is equipping facilities with the latest technologies.

Sure, you could “make do” with what you have and possibly reduce productivity (and likely employee morale). Or, you could provide your people with top-end business equipment. Yet, how quickly equipment can become obsolete makes purchasing numerous high-end pieces of equipment a considerable risk.

When the risk of purchasing feels too high, and “make do” won’t do, there’s the option of leasing business equipment. If you’re not sure about the “purchase versus lease” decision, read this article for some insights and advice. However, if you’re wondering what’s possible to lease, read on!

Business equipment you can lease through Gordon Flesch Company. Click to see specific assets:

What Business Equipment Can You Lease?

Through Gordon Flesch Company, you can lease a wide variety of equipment and assets critical to your operation:

Office Equipment

1. Copiers and printers
2. Multifunction devices
3. Scanners 

The industry “must haves” for growing businesses, get office equipment perfectly aligned with your needs. In addition to leasing office equipment, you may be considering renting it; here’s a comparison of both options.


Eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs, and enhance the way your teams collaborate:

4. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
5. Integrated solutions
6. Custom workflow integrations

Eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs and enhance the way your teams collaborate using the proper software. Handle and track today’s data densities, and then leverage data to improve efficiencies and make smart business decisions.

Communication Systems

7. Telephone systems
8. Call center systems
9. Wireless point to point systems
10. Unified communications

We make communication and connection between workers, departments and customers easy as we ensure fast, smooth implementation. Businesses with streamlined communications thrive.

Security and Access Control

11. Video surveillance
12. Security systems
13. ID printers and systems

Modern threats call for a high level of security and privacy, backed by integrated customer service and know-how. Keep your business environment and personnel as safe as possible.

Specialty Solutions

14. Forklifts and material handling equipment
15. Point Of Sale (POS) systems
16. Mailroom equipment
17. Plant and warehouse equipment

Many capital equipment purchases — whether in the office or in the warehouse — can be expensive. When a cash outlay isn’t in your business’ best interests, lease this necessary and time-saving equipment.

Audio Video Equipment

18. Automation Control
19. Digital Signage
20. Video Conferencing

Projecting a professional image is essential for a contemporary business. Learning to use modern equipment is easier than you may think, and the cost is right. Save money (and look good doing it).

Why Lease Business Equipment?

  • No huge initial investment. Leasing makes it easy to spread the cost of equipment and assets over their useful life in predictable monthly installments. That smart move protects your cash flow!

  • Maintenance may be included. Some lease contracts are designed to ensure you incur no extra out-of-pocket expenses or surprise repair costs.

  • Conservation of Credit Sources. Leasing your business equipment conserves credit sources for expenses such as hiring, advertising, repairs, inventory or market expansion.

Why GFC Leasing?

Leasing through Gordon Flesch Company makes your life easier. Here’s how:

  • No third-parties — in-house associates, who average 15 years of leasing experience, handle all contacts
  • Leases range from 12 to 63 months
  • Available step payment or deferred payment terms
  • No hidden fees; no end-of-term buyout surprises

Contact the leasing professionals at the Gordon Flesch Company today to learn more about how equipment leasing can enhance your operation or download our helpful “Business Technology Inventory Checklist” below!


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