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Elevity, a division of Gordon Flesch Company, provides comprehensive technology management services. Their IT experts take a holistic approach and provide a right-sized plan with a tailored strategy, robust security, best-in-class solutions and unrivaled support.

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TLC_Forklift-smThe Gordon Flesch Company’s Technology and Logistics Center (TLC) is a key component of our customer service and support offerings. Since 1997, it has been home to the Technical Support Center (TSC), which is our modern laboratory equipped with a wide array of hardware and software solutions.

Based in our Madison, Wisconsin facility, the center is staffed with trained Systems Engineers each specialized in computer operating systems, graphics and color correction, variable data processing and enterprise content management solutions. Their combined expertise covers our complete product and solution suite, ensuring you will receive qualified dedicated support when you need it. Calls to the TSC are resolved 94% of the time on the first call, delivering support you can rely on.


tlc_04_7x5-smOur Technology Support Center (TSC) includes a state-of-the-art laboratory where we duplicate your environment to get a firsthand understanding of the issues you’re experiencing. With that insight our highly trained IT professionals and system engineers can provide the hassle-free help you need for printers, scanners, multifunction devices and software. Customers can call our toll-free number, access the GFC Client Portal or use the myGFC app to reach our technology experts.

In addition, the Technology and Logistics Center (TLC) keeps one month of supply inventory on hand and assembles, configures and tests almost 5,000 pieces of equipment each year. Machines are set up by our trained technicians and have the manufacturer’s latest firmware installed to make installation as easy as possible. The facility manages more than 70% of GFC’s 57,000 annual supply shipments.

The TLC is also a key part of GFC’s recycling and environmental programs. GFC recycles roughly 5,000 used machines every year through our network of wholesalers who refurbish or recycle the materials. Thanks to these efforts, GFC received the Environmental Leadership Award from NA Trading and Technology for recycling more than 14,000 drum units since 2015.

Our customer support and technology services include:

GFC Client Portal

Service calls may also be placed electronically through the GFC Client Portal. Whether received by phone or electronically, the call information is entered into our system and is assigned to the appropriate technician. The system automatically alerts the appropriate technician for the service call.

myGFC App

The myGFC app make it easy to manage your business technology needs. The new mobile myGFC app offers GFC customers 24x7 access to tools and information about their printers and copiers. The app allows users to safely and securely navigate through their whole print fleet in a matter of minutes and is an all-in-one hub to manage output devices. Place a service call, receive alerts when a technician has been dispatched and review the quality of service afterwards.

Business Hardware Solutions

As one of the Midwest’s leading independent hardware dealers, we can provide sales, integration and support of an extensive array of Canon, Ricoh, Lexmark and Zebra copiers, printers, and print controllers. Serviced and supported by our locally-based service teams, we can deliver complete network and production copying and printing, as well as digital workflow applications. 

Electronic Content Management Solutions

Paper documents offer a wide array of challenges for modern business. Lost documents, increasing compliance regulations, and personal information security have grown to be large issues that most companies need to address to remain successful in their respective fields. GFC business analysts can help provide business process optimization studies to identify areas of concern, as well as make recommendations for process improvements.


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