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Save Time and Money with Enterprise Content Management

Courtney Wulf

Your business operations likely run on a number of paper-based processes. The question is: are they running smoothly? Sure, there may be a corporate comfort level that accompanies paper, but true efficiencies may be sorely lacking.

By the Numbers

In fact, a recently released white paper from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reinforces the point. Turning Documents into Data delved into the established concepts of information scanning and capture, emerging trends and where companies are moving in terms of business improvement campaigns.

Not surprisingly, 74% of business professionals polled agree that their operations would benefit from reducing paper throughout their processes — yet less than half have made even 5% progress toward paper-free operations, and a full 18% haven’t even started! Most point to a perceived slow payback or other budgetary concerns for not pursuing paper-free solutions, yet they continue to allot concerted time, effort and money to paper-based information management:


AIIM WhitePaper Graph.pngTurning Documents into Data, © AIIM 2014 / © Hyland Software 2014]

Paper-based challenges aren’t strictly internal. AIIM poll respondents estimate paper-driven processes slow customer responsiveness by at least four times that of a paper-free approach. Simply put, a four-day customer response could be sheared down to one day — a huge competitive advantage in any industry.

The numbers add up to taking a closer look at Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Automate and Save

ECM software is a comprehensive solution built on robust, back-end technology that makes it easy for businesses to digitize documents, automate document-driven processes and ultimately electronically share, manipulate and store information across departments and teams.

The value of ECM transcends the convenience of the right people getting the right information at the right time. Due to its cloud-based approach, ECM also positively impacts profitability. There’s:

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • No expensive equipment to buy
  • No need to rent and designate expensive office space for paper storage

AIIM suggests that paper-free processes is the first and essential step toward taking the data from the page and using it to further streamline business operations, enhance performance and increase ROI. ECM is a natural fit in this transition.

Ready to recapture lost hours, reduce overhead expenses and increase ROI? Contact us today to discuss how Enterprise Content Management software will benefit your business from day one.

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