Print Technology That Helps Behavioral Health Clinics Thrive

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Behavioral health practices have undergone radical changes in the past two years. Zoom appointments, teleworking and telepsychiatry are now the norm for mental health professionals. All of this puts additional strain on overworked staff and technology as more and more Americans need these services.

If a behavioral health professional’s office technology cannot keep up with demand for mental health services, it can lead to a breakdown in care. However, strategic deployment of print security and software solutions can deliver the technology needed to support the demand for behavioral health while keeping costs low. 


As we emerge from the global pandemic, it seems almost no one is unaffected. Harvard Business Review, CDC, and The Wall Street Journal reported skyrocketing percentages of mental health issues.

  • Anxiety and depression are up 28% among teens and young adults.
  • Substance abuse is up 30% across thirty to forty-year-old demographic.
  • Domestic violence is up by staggering numbers in police reports.

In the face of this crisis, healthcare clinics need to protect confidential patient information, including printed records, bills and transcripts. They also must find a way to eliminate unnecessary costs and provide centralized support and management for patients.


Behavioral Health Clinics are often independent from a large health conglomerate, meaning they don’t have a large IT department to manage these problems. Print management software solutions like PaperCut MF offers Find-Me-Printing, which helps deliver compliance to HIPAA, workflows that eradicate waste and integration with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. It offers:

  • API scan to fax, which is more secure, with delivery information and reports.
  • Mobility Print for managing mobile devices and mobile staff, independent of networks.
  • Print Deploy allows IT to manage, configure, and deploy print drivers.
  • The PaperCut active directory syncs with departmental billing and accounting.

In short, PaperCut creates a simple way to manage compliance for behavioral health professionals. It also provides flexible workflows that will help a short-staffed team do more.


In addition, PaperCut’s software solution can deliver the foundation for a Managed Print Service (MPS). All the reporting and security solutions described above can optimize your current print environment, reduce frustrations and lower your total operating costs.

With MPS, you can wrap your arms around your print costs. If you have a distributed workforce printing on devices all over your organization, it is vital to get analytical and reporting software. Real-time monitoring and reports address all areas of print/copy/fax/scan management, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or even environmental impact. Print management software offers many reports out of the box, in PDF, HTML or spreadsheet.

For example, PaperCut includes over 50 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or export. Administrators can create ad-hoc reports by applying filter conditions and reports can be emailed to specified people on a regular schedule.

Each healthcare clinic, whether in mental or behavior health or an emergency and acute care specialty has unique printing needs. But print monitoring software and a managed print program are important steps to save your business money. For a free, no-obligation consultation on how you can improve your business technology environment, contact us today

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