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How to Automatically Order Toner: Just-in-Time Toner Delivery

Doug Gleichauf

If you’re an office manager or IT support person, ordering the right amount of ink or toner is one of those necessary but annoying tasks you regularly face. Most people never think to buy ink or toner for office printers until the warning light comes on. But if you try to get ahead of the problem, it is easy to buy too many extra cartridges that never get used.

The good news is that there is a solution for your ink and toner woes.


Even though most printers are super reliable and capable, it is a real pain when they suddenly run out of toner or ink. If your office has an ink or toner supply problem, Just-in-Time toner delivery means you never have more ink/toner than you need and don’t have to have wasted storage space for toner boxes.

Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries can be set based upon your typical volume and remaining toner in your device. This means you can choose when to replenish a machine based on actual need, not just when the “low toner” light starts blinking. Just-in-time toner and ink delivery offers:

  • Automatic ordering, shipping and delivery of your printer supplies
  • Delivery of exactly the amount of supplies you need
  • No more "rush" or overnight shipping for toner
  • Never wondering which toner or ink cartridge is for which device
  • The end of extra in-house supplies and inventory


Just-in-Time delivery is exactly what any organization needs to manage its printer fleet. (It would also be nice for keeping fresh produce in my refrigerator, but that’s for a different blog.) GFC’s JIT uses an algorithm based upon your typical volume and remaining toner in your device.

For example, the FMAudit system will automatically notify your Managed Print Service (MSP) when one of the monitored devices reaches a predetermined toner level. Auto toner replenishment is based on a “days to empty” calculation and shipped out directly to that machine’s location. The toner will have a label with all relevant information, so it gets to the right place at the right time.

  • Software provides real time reporting on your device consumable levels
  • Toner will arrive approximately one week before it is fully depleted
  • When there's a "low toner" alert, don't be alarmed. Our system will ensure the replacement toner is delivered before the cartridge is empty

Over the years, we have seen that remote monitoring allows for the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of toner and supplies. If you’d like to learn more about GFC's Just-in-Time Replenishment Program or how our Managed Print Service can help your company, reach out to us today for a free assessment.  

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