From major hospital systems to independent clinics, our technology experts work with more than 3,000 health care organizations to improve workflow, security and patient care. And we do it with a customized set of solutions based on every organization’s specific needs.

Here are some examples of the types of challenges health care organizations face—and how we solve them:

Patient confidentiality

An Enterprise Content Management system helps eliminate paper systems; one way is with permissions-based electronic folders that only staff members with clearance can access. For printed documents, Output Management solutions can include a card scanning system so documents can only be printed when someone is waiting for them at the print station.

Patient care

When staff doesn’t have to spend as much time on administrative tasks, they can spend more time caring for patients. Output Management makes printing quick, easy and cost-effective. And when service is needed, it’s performed by certified technicians who record some of the fastest response and resolution times in the industry.

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