Experienced SAP Enterprise Content Management (ECM) users can now experience seamless integration with the rich features of Laserfiche document management, workflows and business processes!

LFIntegrator™ for SAP ERP features a robust and highly scalable bilateral integration with SAP ERP, and it expands vault features to a full suite of approval, automation and records retention capabilities.

●     Includes security, configuration, search, scan and file attachment functions for SAP and Laserfiche users
●     Works with SAP’s HANA® architecture and its client user experiences
●     Allows access to forms, documents and records without leaving SAP
●     Allows approval and matching processes to occur automatically
●     Incur no per page or transaction fees



Search, Scan and Document Integration

Search all documents in the repository right from the menu and floating toolbars based on the context of the user screen. Prepopulate Laserfiche template fields with metadata already existing in SAP, and add documents to the attachments list automatically when scanned documents are saved, all while retaining the full suite of Laserfiche security and administrative controls.


SAP Attachment Support

Seamlessly store documents as attachments or URLs, and view them with a single click. Attachment links are automatically created when LFIntegrator for SAP ERP workflows are invoked. Or, create your own Laserfiche document attachments from within the SAP client.

Laserfiche Workflow & Business Process Support

Administrators and designers can take advantage of LFIntegrator for SAP ERP  Laserfiche workflow components that can be inserted into any Laserfiche workflow to perform particular functions based on triggers, timers or specific rules. Workflow components attach to a set of web services for ease of use, upgrade and expansion, and an expanded workflow component library promotes even greater business process efficiency.


Module Support

Business process automation is supported through Laserfiche templates, workflows and transaction activities specific to SAP modules. Module support includes UI-specific functions, additional configuration options, workflow components, web services, example templates and documentation.

Consulting & Custom Development

Reach out to our team of experienced experts for a free, no-obligation consultation to see how LFIntegrator for SAP ERP can enhance your operations and transform your organization.

GFC LFIntegrator for SAP ERP