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Mark and Patrick Flesch Featured in Cannata Report Young Influencers List

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 07/10/2019

The Cannata Report is proud to present our 2019 Young Influencers. For the first time in the franchise’s six-year history, all of this year’s featured Young Influencers hail from the millennial generation. Like many in this generation of young workers, our Influencers are passionate not only about their work, but also the impact of their work on the people and world around them. They are not content to simply punch in and punch out on the office clock. They are striving to make their individual marks in this ever-evolving office technology industry.

As digital natives, our Influencers are adept at quickly connecting concepts, processes, and people. They are constantly tuning in and listening, using the information they gather from their varied life experiences and research to improve customer experiences, drive revenues, and innovate across their businesses.

Though many within our industry continue to lament the decline of print, these Influencers aren’t bogged down in the way things used to be. Embracing change is a driving mantra in their lives and careers. Each is committed to being a vital part of the evolution of this industry, and to rising above the fray to forge their own path to success on their own terms.

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