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IBM Cognos Analytics 

Bringing Business Data to Life

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Personalized Analytics

Better User Experience

Cognos® Analytics by IBM helps businesses create compelling and visually appealing dashboards quickly and easily. More importantly, the data you see is the data you really need.

Business leaders want a proven self-service analytics data solution that provides on-premise or cloud-based scalability and analytics governance to solve business challenges and make informed decisions.

GFConsulting Group delivers with IBM Cognos® Analytics. Its AI-infused business-intelligence enables you to:

  • Use AI and machine learning to unearth information that others can’t find
  • Use pattern detection to discover unexpected or inconspicuous data
  • Easily create and share stunning visualizations in diverse formats
  • Use a natural language-powered AI assistant to ask questions about your data and get relevant answers
  • Leverage automation and built-in intelligence to save time when preparing data

Obtain Metrics That Matter


  • Access relevant corporate and uploaded files, including spreadsheets and comma-separated values (CSV) files
  • Find the data sources you need easily and quickly using natural language
  • Use automated modeling to verify and combine data sources


  • Explore visual data and produce professional reports in a single, unified environment
  • Get smart visualizations — system-recommended charts based on the data you select
  • Leverage embedded geospatial-mapping in your reports and dashboards


  • Receive a single cloud-based or on-premise interface on desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Simultaneously schedule and distribute reports with thousands of users, or enable users to subscribe
  • Get creative and combine charts into a story with visual overlays, voice-overs, and interactive elements

Product Highlights

Smarter Self-Service You Can Trust

For the business user who needs to easily create compelling visualizations and dashboards. For the business leader who needs a proven self-service analytics solution they can trust. For the enterprise that needs the scalability and analytics governance the business demands — whether on premises or on the cloud — only IBM Cognos® Analytics delivers it all.

IBM’s AI-infused business-intelligence solution, Cognos® Analytics, helps enable you to:

  • Find answers others cannot, using AI and machine learning
  • Unearth information that may not be obvious or expected, using pattern detection
  • Create and easily share stunning, system-recommended visualizations in diverse formats
  • Pose questions about your data and receive intelligent responses with the natural language-powered AI assistant
  • Reduce the time needed for data preparation through automation and built-in intelligence

Bring Your Data To Life


Prepare your data

  • Access corporate and uploaded files, such as spreadsheets and comma-separated values (CSV) files
  • Quickly find the data sources you need, using natural language
  • Verify and combine data sources, with automated modeling

Explore your data

  • Get visual data exploration and ​​​​​​professional reporting in a unified environment
  • Receive smart visualizations — the system recommends the best chart type based on the data selected
  • Leverage embedded geospatial-mapping capabilities in the dashboarding and reporting function

Share your data

  • Get a single interface, cloud-based or on-premise, over desktop, laptops, or mobile devices
  • Schedule reports, burst to thousands of users, or enable users to subscribe to reports
  • Combine charts into a story with overlays, voice-overs, and interactive elements to share


See for yourself how IBM Cognos® Analytics from the GFConsulting Group can help your organization. Contact a GFConsulting team member to discuss your options, including flexible terms and numerous creative financing solutions.


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