Managed Print Case Study: Roush Honda

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 01/10/2019


Roush Honda is the 9th largest Honda dealer in the U.S. with 350 employees and 6 locations. In 2017, Roush Honda purchased a local Ford dealership. Initially, Ed Green, Technology Support Manager for Roush planned to keep the printers the company had been using, in part because the machines integrated with the company’s dealer management software. However, these machines were very expensive and weren't being properly maintained.


When car dealerships merge, the resulting cost savings and efficiencies can create a better experience for the staff, salespeople, and car buyers. However, merging two dealerships with different computer systems, hardware, and processes can pose unexpected challenges- and opportunities.


After meeting with the Gordon Flesch Company, which serviced the machines owned by the Ford
dealership, Mr. Green decided it might be time to make a switch. “The Gordon Flesch team was just much more organized,” he says. “They delivered toner and supplies on time, and the software, like FM Audit and the GFC customer portal, were better than anything our old print vendor could deliver.”


Ed attended a day of learning at the Gordon Flesch Company Dublin office and was impressed with the services and technology offered. Initially, Gordon Flesch Company took over the company’s Managed Print Service, and gradually implemented a hardware rollout of new Canon and Lexmark devices. Once Roush made the change, Ed says the process was nearly painless and seamless. “The GFC service team installed 30 to 40 machines in one day with no down time,” he says. “And whenever we have a need, they are right back here to take care of it.”

"The last vendor would drop off toner every 6 months and never be seen again. GFC was there at the drop of a hat.”

— Ed Green
Technology Support Manager for Roush
800.333.5905 |

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