Leasing Case Study: Lindsay, Stone and Briggs

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 04/04/2018

Financial Freedom And Flexibility For Creative Agency

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs is an advertising and marketing firm founded in 1978 and based in Madison, Wisconsin. Its clients range from multinational companies and the Fortune 100 to small start-ups in the Midwest. The company does everything from advertising, brand strategy, web design, social media, public relations and new product launches for this diverse array of clients. But as anyone in the creative industry knows, inspiration can come when you least expect it. That means Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ creative team often needs to acquire new technology quickly to get projects one on tight deadlines.

The Challenge

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs recently needed to buy a sophisticated camera and video equipment to finish an ad campaign. “The need came up at the last minute and rather than write a check for thousands of dollars, GFC Leasing was able to
help us get the machines we needed and incorporate it into our existing loan,” says CEO, Phil Ouellette.

The Solution

Ouellette says GFC Leasing provides a useful alternative source of financing for his business. They provide the flexibility to add equipment to their existing lease agreement, giving LSB more borrowing capacity. “The service is impeccable, and the people are responsive and I know we can get what we need quickly,” he says.

The Result

LSB got the camera and video equipment needed to finish their project in plenty of time to impress their client. Just as importantly, they have been able to upgrade their existing office equipment, keeping up with the newest computers, as well as their color printer to a newer, more powerful model.

Phil Oullette"For me, the one word that describes GFC Leasing is flexibility. They give me the power to get my job done no matter what unexpected complication might come up." 

— Phil Ouellette CEO, LSB




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