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New Tools for PDF Power Users

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As more and more people work remotely, PDF files are an increasingly important tool for managing documents. The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is found almost everywhere and can come from a variety of sources. They can include scanned pages, embedded images, and other types of information. Almost everyone needs a standardized way to produce, edit and manage PDFs for finalizing contracts, invoicing, accounting and other essential functions.

Unfortunately, managing PDFs can be frustrating and unnecessarily complicated as the company which created the standard, Adobe, has made it difficult to obtain and use PDF software. Many frustrated users have the free version of Adobe Acrobat but are stunned to discover they can’t actually do anything useful with the tool unless they pay a licensing fee or upgrade their account. In fact, to upgrade to Adobe DC Pro, users have to sign up for a $15/month account just to edit a PDF.

A Better Way

This is one reason why we have been active supporters of Kofax Power PDF, a leading PDF solution that makes it easy to gain control over PDF workflows in every department and for every use. Kofax Power PDF is actually a very established and mature technology, which Kofax acquired from Nuance Document Imaging (NDI). Nuance has long been a competitor of Adobe and offers all the features and functionality without the high price and complicated licensing.

We believe Kofax Power PDF is the easiest and most accurate way for PDF users to gain control over PDF files. It lets users create, edit and assemble documents that follow the newest PDF industry standard document formats (including PDF 2.0) with the right features for searching, editing and sharing through your favorite cloud service.

More Features without the Hassles

Many PDF tools have become overly complicated and bloated over the years. However, Kofax has found the balance between providing advanced capabilities but without the complicated interfaces of other programs. For example, users can choose to sign a PDF or send it to another party for their signature using integrated e-signature actions.

For scanning paper documents, Power PDF Advanced recognizes scanned text and faithfully reproduces complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics. It includes an OCR proofreader tool to help you see and correct text results, and the PDF documents are automatically searchable. Likely the most useful feature for most users is the ability to combine all open documents into a single PDF. Just click the “Combine All” option on the Home toolbar and bookmarks will be created from the file names of the original documents.

For more advanced users, it is possible to protect PDF files with secure 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and permission controls. And advanced redaction capabilities remove confidential data for safe, secure document sharing. The tool is compatible with all major enterprise document management systems, including NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS, iManage Work, Livelink, OpenText Enterprise Connect, Worldox, Xerox DocuShare, Office 365 and SharePoint Document Management Systems.

Given the importance of managing and moving PDFs in our modern world, organizations can’t afford to not have a tool for their staff to produce and manage their documents and contracts. If you have any questions about this or any other office technology needs, please reach out to the business process experts at the Gordon Flesch Company.

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