Meet AskGordy

An Artificial Intelligence Application for Your Business Documents

Meet AskGordy

An Artificial Intelligence Application for Your Business Documents

What is AskGordy?

AskGordy is a voice-activated artificial intelligence tool for business documents that leverages the power of IBM Watson of Jeopardy! fame.

One of the biggest headaches for companies using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and other document storage systems is finding the information they need buried within – and keeping track of the exploding volumes of data that continue to be added each day.

With AskGordy, you can:

Ask. Discover. Get answers.
Make the right business decisions.

Watch the video below to see how AskGordy works and to hear more about its cognitive capabilities to unleash the full potential of your ECM and file share solutions. 



Unlike common search applications, AskGordy does more than merely provide hits based on based on word matching. Its cognitive computing capabilities can interpret even the most complex questions and help determine the intent and context of your inquiry to provide truly relevant results.

With the power of IBM’s Watson at your fingertips, you can find what you’re looking for, then provide feedback to help AskGordy “learn” to be more precise in the future. In other words:

AskGordy gets smarter every time you use it.

The AskGordy application is available across multiple devices and is accessible to all users through its ability to interpret natural language queries and voice commands. With its unprecedented cognitive functionality, dark data can be brought to light from any ECM and document storage repository.

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