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6 Real-life Examples of Cognitive Computing Products

When IBM Watson made its public debut back in 2011 on the Jeopardy! game show, average viewers were stunned at its ability to quickly decipher and answer questions. Its two human competitors were cleanly defeated, and the world had a glimpse into the future of cognitive computing.

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The Promise of Cognitive Computing

In recent history, the prospect of artificial intelligence was only a far-fetched idea. Today, with the advent of cognitive computing, engineers and software developers are bridging the gap between the way a computer works and the way a human brain thinks.

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Watson for Everyone – Part 1

Most of us became acquainted with IBM’s Watson watching it compete on Jeopardy about eight years ago. In that showdown, Watson infamously answered a question in the category “US cities” with “Toronto,” one of several amusing gaffes. Nevertheless, the age of cognitive analytics arrived quite publically – and in prime time.

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Artificial Intelligence Comes To Enterprise Content Management