One location for all your customer solutions.

When customers engage with you through Watson Assistant, their issues are automatically routed to the best possible solutions to get answers quickly and, most importantly, accurately. No matter which channel they initiate their request through, Watson Assistant gathers their information and unifies it into a centralized location, making it easier for you to manage inquiries and keep your customers happy.

Integrate Channels

Do you use multiple channels to communicate with users, such as Facebook Messenger or Slack? Watson Assistant seamlessly integrates with various platforms to help you handle requests using the channel that is most convenient for them.

Automate Routing

Inquiries are automatically directed to the right solutions, whether it’s a distinct response to a frequently asked question or more generalized search results containing relevant content to address more complex requests.

Manage Sessions

As users interact with Watson Assistant over time, their unique data and query information are captured and stored. This data is used over time to personalize and improve upon each user’s experience over time.

Maintain a Human Touch

Inevitably, there may be a problem or inquiry that Watson Assistant can’t (or shouldn’t) handle. It can detect when a user should engage one-on-one with a human service representative and start the conversation using service desk tools without the need for developer support.


No question is too simple or complex

Watson Assistant has the capability to route a customer’s inquiries to the appropriate solution using various skills. Commonly asked questions are given direct responses while complex inquiries are provided with relevant search results.

Dialog and search capabilities provide a clear-cut and personalized response to common questions and can clarify vague requests automatically. Dialogue nodes link your user’s input with the assistant’s response, and can even integrate with your service desk to seamlessly transition between Watson and live agents.

Dialog Skill

Provide a specific and customized solution

The Dialog Skill can provide definitive answers and personalized responses to common problems. It can even automatically seek clarification for vague requests to ensure accurate responses.

Intents and entities

Watson Assistant’s machine learning capabilities allows it to improve its cognitive computing power over time, allowing it to understand natural language requests based on example questions (intents) and clarifying terms (entities).

Simple dialog builder

The visual, intuitive and user-friendly dialog builder allows anyone to build responses to user questions and create clarification flows without having any developer experience.


Often times, a user will want to address more than one topic or change subjects midstream during a chat session. Watson Assistant detects these variations and can automatically pause its conversation on the main topic, address the new subject matter and, once handled, return seamlessly to answer the original inquiry.


What if a user’s request is ambiguous or unclear? Rather than provide a user with irrelevant information or a “best guess,” Watson Assistant asks follow-up questions to seek further clarification and ensure that the response is both accurate and timely.

Faster start with human-to-human logs

Identify new topics from pre-existing chat logs with ease by simply importing chat logs with Intent Recommendations. From there, Watson Assistant will recommend new intents.


Your assistant improves with time

Once you've launched your Watson Assistant, it helps you know where to focus your efforts to improve your user experience with each interaction.

Analytics dashboard and user logs

Your user message data is captured and compiled into helpful, visual reports so you can clearly see trends surrounding various topics and messages that caused confusion and continually improve responses.

Intent conflict detection

Watson Assistant helps unify your team’s efforts by automatically making recommendations when multiple team members create different example sentences for the same virtual assistant.

Enterprise Readiness

Deploy On Any Cloud

Be confident in the implementation, privacy and security of your data, knowing that Watson Assistant is built for your enterprise.

Data Privacy

Maintain ownership of your training and user data as you gather more insights and add value to your virtual assistant.

Data Isolation

Dedicated and isolated data repositories and software runtime ensure additional reliability and control.

Mutual Authentication

Mutually authenticated SSL certificates help enhance your security measures even further between your app and Watson Assistant.

Behind The Firewall

Want complete control and isolation? Install Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud Private for Data in your own data center.

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