Helping humans. Going beyond chatbots.

It’s time to go beyond virtual assistants that try to mimic humans and, instead, find a virtual assistant that actually helps humans.

Watson Assistant is a conversational cloud interface that can be built into any application, device or channel. Unlike most chatbots, it can:

  • Search a knowledge database for answers
  • Ask to clarify your query
  • Know when you should talk with a real person to get answers

Whether in the office or on the go, Watson Assistant can help your business leverage AI to get the most out of your data and apps.

product highlights

Powered by AI

Interact with Watson Assistant using natural language. Its AI power understands users and gets smarter each time you use it. The more you use Watson Assistant and build on its knowledge, the more recommendations it will provide.

Any device. Any channel.

Wherever your users are, Watson Assistant is right there with them. Its ability to support 13 languages allows you to effectively communicate with anyone, whether across the office or around the globe. Deploy Watson Assistant on your:

  • Website
  • Mobile apps
  • Phone
  • Messaging channels
  • Customer service tools

Maintain Control

Use the cloud platform of your choosing and securely run Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud or other vendors, including Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Even on-premise environments support it. You’ll work with a trusted partner to build and scale your business while maintaining ownership of your data and IP.

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