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How AI Can Help

Your Business

Empower users with actionable knowledge from your hard-to-find documents, data, and processes so they can make better and faster business decisions.

Today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can transform the way you do business. Gordon Flesch provides state-of-the-art AI technology to a wide range of public and private sector clients to innovate, integrate, and optimize business processes.

With AI Solutions, you can make better and more informed business decisions, allowing you to:

  • Enhance customer experiences with an interactive natural language assistant
  • Use natural language queries to search your documents and find targeted information faster
  • Leverage real-time analytics dashboards to make informed strategic decisions
  • Extend your current offerings and products with AI components to gain a competitive advantage

AI Gets Down to Business

Our advanced AI Solutions all include natural language interfaces, making them easy to use and an ideal choice for businesses in multiple industries. These solutions focus on three core areas:

  1. Unstructured Information — Documents in repositories, file share platforms, and ECM
  2. Structured Information — Databases, spreadsheets, and IoT
  3. Assistants & Business Processes — Virtual assistants, chatbots, decision support, and predictive analysis

The GFC Difference

Even the most advanced AI technology needs the expertise of a strategic and experienced team of people to leverage its full capabilities and make it practical for the average user.

As a certified IBM Watson and Advanced Analytics Business Partner, our team is fully committed to making AI accessible and affordable to all, and offers:

  • Apps, solutions, and APIs
  • Partner and reselling provisioning
  • DevOps
  • Consulting
  • Technical & Marketing Support


Unleash The Full Potential Of Your ECM And File Share Solutions

AskGordy is a voice-activated artificial intelligence tool that leverages the power of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing technology and integrates with more than 20 ECM products. It can help you discover the answers you need without the help of data scientists or BI architects so you can make more informed and better business decisions. AskGordy can detect the intent of a query and gets “smarter” each time you use it, meaning it gives you more than just information; it gives you answers.


IBM Watson Assistant

Go Beyond The Chatbot — Artificial Intelligence For Business

Many organizations rely on chatbots to help their clients and potential customers get the answers they need. Most virtual assistants try to mimic humans, but with IBM Watson Assistant, you can actually help them while streamlining processes and improving your business performance.

Watson Assistant is a conversational cloud interface that can be built into any application, device, or channel and be tailored to your needs. Unlike most chatbots, it can search your content database for answers, ask clarifying questions, and even determine when it’s time to hand off the situation to a real person to resolve.

Leverage the power of AI to help your business get the most out of your data and apps.


IBM Cognos Analytics®

A Personalized Analytics Experience

In an age of information, data is power. Unearthing that data to find answers and insights that help you make informed business decisions isn’t always easy.

IBM Cognos Analytics provides the most advanced self-service analytics governance solution available to help you quickly and easily prepare data through automation and built-in intelligence and features:

  • Compelling visualizations and dashboards
  • On-premise or cloud integration
  • AI and machine learning
  • Pattern detection
  • Stunning, system-recommended visualizations in diverse formats
  • Natural language-powered AI assistant
  • Supports multiple database and spreadsheet sources

Bring your data to life with IBM Cognos Analytics.


Applications & Services

Streamline Your Day-To-Day Tasks

It’s a fact: At least some of your document management processes are outdated, inefficient, and wasting time and money. Our suite of LFIntegrator products integrate Laserfiche ECM seamlessly with critical applications including Microsoft Dynamics GP and IBM Watson through our AskGordy ingestion and document display options.

Additionally, businesses of all sizes benefit from our:

  • Solutions. Implementations optimized for your particular environment or process
  • Consulting. Education, training, process optimization, and architecture, and help getting started
  • Custom Development & DevOps Support. Design, engineering, and DevOps support for mobile apps, internal and production software and AI integration

Our team has been designing and implementing process management solutions for more than 30 years and has worked with hundreds of government, education, financial, healthcare, and business clients to improve efficiencies, security, and user experiences.


Explore the Possibilities

Need more information? We’re ready — and eager — to help you make strides in your business success and solve your toughest technology challenges.