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Don’t blink! If you do, you might miss the latest technology advancement that could protect your data, improve efficiencies and give you a competitive edge. Keeping up with upgrades, security patches, new equipment, best practices, and cyber threats is challenging; add to it the need for a sound technology strategy and you can quickly become overwhelmed. 

To help you navigate the world of business technology, we’ve compiled our best resources into an exhaustive and easy reference guide to help you quickly get answers to your most pressing technology and Managed IT questions (and keep you informed about various aspects you probably weren’t aware of).


What is

Managed IT?

Many businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time IT professional or Chief Information Officer (CIO), yet they face many of the same challenges as large, global enterprises — sometimes more! A Managed IT service allows even small organizations to have the IT department they always dreamed of through an outsourced solution.

A Managed IT provider brings world-class technology capabilities, data protection, and expertise to your business, typically at a fraction of the cost of hiring an IT position.


Benefits of Managed IT

Perhaps you’ve weighed the pros and cons of outsourcing some or all of your IT rather than managing everything internally, but aren’t sure which way to go. The following articles can outline the benefits of Managed IT and help you make the best decision that aligns with your overall IT strategy.


Virtual Chief Information Officer

The average salary of a CIO in the U.S. runs in the six figures these days. That’s simply not in the cards (or the budget) for most small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). A virtual chief information officer (vCIO), offered as part of a Managed IT solution, can serve the same purpose without the same paycheck. Learn the differences between a CIO on your payroll versus a vCIO in the following articles:


Top 6 Benefits
of a vCIO

Reimagine your approach to technology


Cloud Computing

The Cloud is quickly becoming the dominant method of storing digital data. If your business hasn’t yet made the move to the Cloud, chances are it will have to in the future. Be proactive by staying informed and working with a Managed IT partner to identify the best Cloud solution. This will help ensure the transition goes smoothly and that your data is properly protected.


Beginner's Guide to
Cloud Computing

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Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a business owner quite like hearing the words, “We’ve been hacked.” Malware, data breaches and other cyber threats are increasing, as is the sophistication of cyber criminals and the scale of their attacks. Educating yourself and your employees about what signs to look for and how to mitigate the risks of a security breach are critical in today’s business climate. These articles can help.


How Prepared are
you for a Cyberattack?


How Managed IT Can Save Money

For many businesses, it all comes down to the bottom line. Some believe that outsourcing a company’s technology won’t work within their budgets, but when all associated factors are taken into consideration, Managed IT typically saves money over time. Check out the following articles to help you assess the overall costs of Managed IT (and how much it may cost to keep doing business as usual).


Managed IT

What does working with a Managed IT provider look like? How much will they do and what responsibilities will remain with you? It all depends on your unique situation and the level of service and systems you need. A Managed IT provider will customize a plan based on your needs and walk you through each phase, including:

  • Personalized needs analysis and cost proposal
  • Help with current IT asset inventory
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Implementation and installation
  • Staff training as needed
  • 24/7 Help Desk and remote monitoring
  • Routine evaluations
  • Ongoing support

Roadmap for
Implementing Managed IT

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IT Trends

Just as you need to stay on top of your industry’s latest trends and innovations, so too does a Managed IT provider. Technology is advancing at warp speed and it’s tough for the average business to keep up. Read these articles to help catch you up to speed on what’s new and what may impact your business in the future.


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