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How Small Businesses See IT Managed Services Cost Savings

David Eichkorn
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Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) face a dilemma: They need technologies to operate and grow, but sometimes there isn’t room in the budget to accommodate the cost of Managed IT Services. 

But cost savings are within reach for small businesses when they add the resources of a Technology Management provider like Elevity.

How does outsourcing IT support save money and what are some other benefits businesses can see when working with an outside Technology Management service provider?

Fully Managed or Co-Managed Services

Technology Management services are typically available in two variations: Fully managed or co-managed.

Fully managed is generally for businesses with fewer than 100 employees and that may not already have their own IT department. Co-managed, as the name suggests, offers a hand to larger businesses who may need additional support to supplement their existing IT infrastructures.

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IT Support is Available 24/7

An “always available” IT department eliminates two common obstacles SMBs encounter: The first is lost time you can’t recoup waiting for your IT staff to arrive and address the issue — plus the additional time lost that they spend working to resolve it.

The second scenario is the frustration and time inefficiency of having “break/fix” support, meaning an IT provider that only engages with your systems when you report an issue — and only after they can fit you into their schedule for an onsite visit. 24/7 managed IT service’s onsite or remote support prevents costly downtime.

You Can Accurately Forecast Labor Costs

IT is undoubtedly a critical operational need, and reserving or re-allocating resources to address issues as they arise can quickly drain IT-related labor budgets. An outsourced Technology Management provider allows SMBs to accurately forecast monthly, quarterly and annual IT expenditures without fear of losing valuable functionality or experiencing system shutdown.

Existing IT Staff Isn’t Overextended

Employees are typically at a premium in an SMB environment and are often functioning at (or beyond) capacity. An in-house IT team is no exception, and is often pulled in multiple directions well before a system-critical issue arises. 

An outsourced technology service provider frees your existing IT staff to dedicate themselves to their workloads and not obligate them to “drop everything” to address emergencies. Plus, such experts are highly skilled and carry multiple certifications, so using their services expands skill sets available to your IT needs.

You Gain Virtual Chief Information Officer Insight Without a C-level Hire

Working with a Technology Management provider gives you access to virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) levels of knowledge that will develop a strategic technology roadmap for your business. This roadmap lets you precisely align technology with your business goals, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition’s technology.

A managed technology plan's best practices typically include quarterly, semi-annual or annual business reviews during which SMBs can review and critique network performance, service level agreements, key performance indicators and other business efficiencies.

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Technology Management: A New Approach

Organizations are encouraged to implement a comprehensive process for Technology Management rather than rely on a few IT personnel to put out proverbial fires. Strategy and proactive measures are key in ensuring smooth operation for all businesses, big or small.

At Elevity, we take our own angle that we refer to as the 4S approach: Strategy, Security, Solutions and Support. Each element is crucial to providing a stable technology infrastructure that covers all the bases. 

Strategy puts the plan in place ahead of time, taking different variables into account; security services protect your data and assets from malicious cyberattacks; solutions are tailored to your technology needs; and Support is an expert team to rely on throughout implementation and beyond.

Want to take a closer look at how a new Technology Management approach differs from traditional IT? Click the link below to access a free copy of our comparison infographic, Traditional IT vs Technology Management.

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