Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

E20-014_Cybersecurity-TipsHackers will try every deceptive tactic possible to gain access to your systems to retrieve sensitive information or install malicious ransomware to hold your data hostage. Unsuspecting employees fall for their scams every day and continue to be the number one access point for cyberattacks.

Use our helpful infographic to inform and motivate employees to stay vigilant and follow best practices in the following areas:

  • Internal threats — Tips for securing printed documents, computers, etc.
  • Email security — How to recognize fraudulent content and next steps
  • Password protection — Best practices for creating and updating passwords
  • Personal devices — Equipping remote workers with the tools they need
  • And much more!

Fill out the form to get your copy of our Cybersecurity Tips for Employees infographic, and make sure your employees are prepared with the knowledge they need to stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

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Help Employees Learn Best Practices For Preventing Cyberattacks