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Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Jeff Dotzler
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Information technology is critical to the success of any organization, but the associated stress, costs and potential problems can make it a frustrating part of doing business. If you can afford a full-time staff whose only job is to manage your systems and ensure ongoing performance and security that’s probably not an issue.

But what if you’re like most small and even medium-sized businesses that “make do” by pulling in resources from within the company who aren’t experts and don’t have the time? In many cases, outsourcing your IT to a dedicated, experienced Managed IT services provider is a smart business solution. Here are the top reasons doing so makes sense for a variety of organizations:

No need to hire a dedicated IT staff member.

A Managed IT Services program often costs a fraction of the total cost you’d incur by adding to your headcount. In addition to a competitive salary, you’d need to attract IT personnel with benefits, invest in training, and shuffle workloads and defer activity when that person or people are on vacation.

Frees up your internal resources.

You know those people who are asked and only reluctantly agree to wear an “extra hat” of taking care of your IT needs (both immediate and red-hot)? They are far more productive and contributing to profitability when they’re doing the job they were hired to do. This is especially important in small and medium-sized businesses, where you can’t afford to take employees away from their work without affecting productivity for long without affecting your bottom line.

Saves time.

Whether it’s a relatively small computer glitch one person is experiencing, or if it’s a system-wide failure that takes you down for half a day, there can be significant time and effort (and sometimes cost) spent resolving IT problems. When you don’t have an experienced team or person to handle those issues, there’s a lot of time wasted trying to diagnose the problem and hunting for the best (or easiest) solution. With Managed IT services, your system is being monitored at all times which 1) avoids a reactive approach to problems and mitigates issues by being proactive; and 2) means trained IT people are able to quickly and effectively fix the problem.

Increases workplace efficiency and productivity.

With Managed IT, you have the benefit of being able to implement new technologies and software quickly and efficiently with the expertise and knowledge of your Managed IT services provider. You always have the latest, most effective software at your fingertips because updates are done remotely and automatically (including security programs and backups), helping you avoid software and hardware conflicts, outdated tools, and lags in productivity.

Controls labor costs.

To be successful, companies must anticipate and plan for expenses; they also need to have confidence that their systems will be working properly at all times in order to do the work needed. When you have a Managed IT program in place, costs are consistent – and your system is always being monitored to ensure optimum performance.

Ensures security and mitigate risks.

Do you know with certainty whether your data is being backed up properly? Are all your security measures in place and working as needed to protect your organization from hacking, viruses and other threats? With Managed IT, you get the peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is secure and monitored at all times.

What’s best about these is that with Managed IT, you’re covered 24/7 – no vacations or other priorities are in the way of getting things proactively done, and done by qualified experts whose job is to be on top of your IT system and all the associated needs, allowing you to focus solely on your growing your business and achieving your business goals.

Want to learn more about the impressive benefits of Managed IT Services? Download our free Traditional IT vs. Managed IT Comparison Chart for a side-by-side view of how the two stack up against one another!

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