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Email Security Training That's Actually Fun

Jeff Dotzler
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A Game-Changing Solution to User Error

Let’s face it. Learning about cybersecurity can be a real snore – especially for employees whose jobs have little or nothing to do with IT.

Companies spend more than $1.5 billion on email awareness training, yet human error is still a component in 95% of all security breaches. Obviously, traditional training methods aren’t working.

That’s why we wanted to tell you about  a hilarious new training program that’s changing the way employees think about cybersecurity.

Laugher is the Best Medicine – Er, Training Tool

“Fun” and “security awareness training” in the same sentence? Believe it. This new training program uses humor to make learning painless.

Here’s how it works. Every month, employees receive a chuckle-inducing, three-minute video to watch followed by a 1-question quiz. Each video feels like a sitcom and stars the recurring characters Human Error and Sound Judgement as they help relatable office employees navigate potential cybersecurity pitfalls.

Not only are these training videos enjoyable to watch, they’re making a measurable impact.

*Users are 115% more knowledgeable about cybersecurity risk than their non-participating peers.

*After three months, 33% of users say they’ve changed something in their daily lives to make them more secure.

And effective training is more essential now than ever before.

Yes, You Really Do Need Employee Training

Recent analysis by Mimecast found that one in every 61 emails in corporate inboxes contains a malicious URL. Even scarier, the number of emails featuring a malicious link making it past email security systems increased by 126%.

Today’s businesses face a nearly 30% probability of experiencing a major data breach – and every breach can cost a company nearly $4 million on average.

This training offers phishing testing as well as comprehensive security awareness education. It assigns risk scores to your employees and your organization. It’s then easy to identify your riskiest users and target them with additional training.

Employees are one of the last lines of defense keeping hackers out of your network. Don’t let someone’s inadvertent mistake jeopardize your business.

Contact us to discuss bringing phishing testing and security awareness training to your organization.

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