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Author: Rob Gould

Date: 05/08/2018


Search for Information Technology jobs in Indianapolis on LinkedIn and you’ll get more than 1,000 results. Many of those openings have been posted for weeks and even months, indicating the difficulty enterprises are having in filling IT positions. Many organizations use multiple recruiting platforms to post job opportunities, further highlighting the competitiveness of the job market.

Indianapolis isn’t alone in its quest for qualified IT workers. Monster.com reported that the tech talent gap is widespread. Citing a recent CIO survey, the company indicated that the IT labor shortage may be even bigger than expected and at its highest level since 2008. A remarkable 65% of CIOs indicated that hiring challenges were hurting the industry — a six-point increase over the prior year.

According to John Qualls, president of Eleven Fifty Academy, which conducted a 2018 tech census and offers technology coding programs in the Indianapolis area, “The Indy tech community is poised to explode.”

Clearly, the competition is fierce and will likely grow. Whether your company is looking for qualified Cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity specialists or those skilled at integrating legacy systems with digital platforms, here’s what you need to know to help your organization win your ideal candidate’s attention.

Highlight Business Strengths And Opportunities

Having a sense of purpose and knowing that their work makes a difference is what motivates and excites today’s job applicants, and small and mid-size organizations (SMBs) often are more able to empower individuals and allow them to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. More than one-quarter of companies in a recent survey indicated that IT workers who left their enterprises did so for opportunities that were more exciting and for the chance to work with new technology.

When talking with applicants, highlight future growth initiatives and discuss how the applicant can contribute and help achieve the company’s goals. Gratifying your candidates’ innate desires to be part of something bigger than themselves will help you get noticed.

Promote Your Family-Focused Atmosphere And Culture

Not only can you leverage the fact that communities around Indianapolis rank among the top cities in America to raise a family, you can also highlight what makes your organization a top pick among area employers.

If you’re an SMB, it may feel like you can’t compete with larger firms when it comes to compensation or perks. That may be true, but many job seekers are looking for more than a paycheck. Smaller organizations are often able to offer more flexible schedules to accommodate family needs, long commutes or appointments without excessive corporate oversight. Smaller teams also typically offer a close-knit family atmosphere that is appealing to many potential hires, so be sure to emphasize these features when approaching candidates.

Remain A Competitive Employer

Without a doubt, compensation and benefits are what most candidates are interested in initially. Conduct compensation benchmarking to understand what other companies in your area are paying for similar IT positions. You don’t need to come in at the top end of the list, but you certainly need to remain competitive with others in the area and industry.

When company resources are limited, meeting salary expectations can be a challenge. But some organizations are getting creative with their compensation packages to sweeten the pot, including:

  • More vacation time. Offering an additional week of PTO than your competitors can have a major influence on a potential hire.
  • Education incentives. Show that your company is willing to invest in your workers by offering continuing education and training. Some companies are also helping employees pay off their student loans.
  • Health and wellness. A robust healthcare package is a given, but highlight other ways your organization is encouraging wellness among its employees, such as walking trails, gym membership discounts or healthy lunch options.
  • Emotional wellness. Increasingly, employees value ways in which companies are supporting emotional well-being by offering programs to address addictions, free or discounted family counseling and other programs.
  • Transportation reimbursement. You may need to look for talented workers outside your immediate area. Offering a monthly stipend to cover commute costs or paying for moving expenses could be the perk that puts your company at the top of an ideal candidate’s list.

Remaining competitive in the job market requires more than providing a good salary, and these types of additional incentives can go a long way in impressing the right candidate, even if he or she has other employment opportunities that offer more money.

Consider Augmenting Your Efforts With Outsourced IT Support

If you’ve hit roadblocks in your IT hiring efforts, it might be time to consider outsourcing some of your functions by working with a Managed IT provider. This option often offers more flexibility and cost savings for your organization in comparison to hiring additional staff, and helps fill in any gaps on your IT team. Managed IT providers offer regular training for their technicians, so you can be assured they’re up to speed on the latest security threats, tech upgrades and more. Outsourcing IT is an increasingly popular and affordable alternative that organizations should consider to ensure their IT needs are met.

Tired of missing out on the top tech talent? Reach out the technology experts at the Gordon Flesch Company to see what a Managed IT solution might look like for your organization.


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