Shine a Light on Shadow IT

Are Employees Posing Your Greatest Security Risk?

Shadow IT — your employees’ unapproved personal devices and applications, as well as unauthorized security protocols — often goes undetected by IT departments, yet pose some of the greatest risks of data breaches or ransomware. 

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Potential Consequences of Shadow IT

  • • Network infiltration and stolen data
  •  Computer viruses
  •  Software compatibility issues
  •  Compromised firewalls
  •  Compliance violations
  •  Damaged company reputation
  •  Lost revenue

Educating employees is the most effective way to mitigate the risks of Shadow IT within an organization. Still, it’s imperative for IT departments to have proper protocols, procedures and security measures in place to account for those who find loopholes or disregard policies.

Consider working with a Managed IT provider to conduct a thorough assessment of your technology landscape and shed some light on the potential threats. Reach out to the Gordon Flesch Company today to develop a roadmap for success and security.

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