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Author: Rob Gould

Date: 05/08/2018


When looking for a Managed IT provider in the Indianapolis area to oversee your technology needs, it can feel overwhelming as you try to identify which is right for your organization. There’s more to the process than checking off a list of products and services, although a company’s capabilities certainly should weigh in your decision. Getting to know the people you’ll be working with in the coming months and years is a major part of the equation, too.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together some questions to ask any prospective Managed IT provider to help ensure you make the right choice.

The Relationship

  • Who will I work with? In other words, who will you turn to when something happens? While many services can take place remotely through a help desk, there’s no substitute for having a local Indianapolis presence and a dedicated person who serves as your personal consultant with a team to serve you on a moment’s notice.
  • What can I expect in the first 30, 60 and 90 days? This helps you understand the onboarding process and how your Managed IT program will be implemented.
  • What sets your company apart? How a Managed IT provider answers this question can reveal a lot. Do they lead with, “We’re the cheapest,” or are they more focused on reliability, expertise and getting the job done right? Listen for an answer that focuses more on a partnership instead of just another business transaction.
  • Do you have references? You can get an idea what a relationship with you might look like based on the Managed IT provider’s relationship with others. Ask for case studies and, just like a job interview, you should be able to speak with references to hear their experiences first-hand.

The Service

  • How can you help us develop an IT strategy? Providing Managed IT services isn’t just about taking orders or responding when a need arises. A reputable provider will be strategic and proactively bring ideas and innovations to the forefront to help you gain a competitive advantage and align your technology needs with your business goals. They’ll also help alleviate the technology headaches that likely put you on the hunt for a Managed IT provider in the first place.
  • What isn’t covered in the contract? If you need additional hardware, software or consulting down the road, how much extra will it cost and how will it affect the partnership?
  • What measures do you take to secure our data? Whether you’re Cloud-based or maintain in-house servers, be sure your Managed IT services provider has robust security measures in place including remote monitoring, security experts and is able to perform necessary upgrades and install security patches in a timely manner.
  • What types of training do you provide your IT professionals? How a company invests in education for its technical teams can say a lot about its dedication to staying on the leading edge of technology trends, innovations and security risks.
  • What can I expect for response times? Whether you call into a help desk or need someone dispatched to your office, you’ll want to know how quickly you’ll get service. A provider with a local presence in the Indianapolis area will likely be much more responsive.

The Future

  • How often do you conduct reviews? Technology changes rapidly, so if you’re only hearing from your consultant a couple times a year, you’re barely maintaining status quo. You’ll want to go over your technology needs and findings reports at least quarterly.
  • How can you help us transition to the Cloud? It may not happen right away, but the shift is inevitable for most organizations. Make sure your provider is experienced with Cloud migration, has the capabilities to securely house your data and can provide a roadmap for implementation when the time is right.
  • How can my plan scale with my business? The goal of any business is to thrive. Make sure your Managed IT provider offers the flexibility and technical expertise to scale with your business and help you reach your business goals.
Other possible issues will likely arise when talking with prospective Managed IT providers, but using these 12 questions can at least serve as a springboard for discussion. Want to start such a conversation with someone from the Gordon Flesch Company in Indianapolis? We’re here to talk. More importantly, we’re here to listen. Reach out today.


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