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Author: Rob Gould

Date: 05/08/2018


Indianapolis ranks among the top 25 places for business and careers, according to Forbes. Like many other regions, however, it’s experiencing a labor shortage in many industries. Among them are qualified Indianapolis-based technology workers. Many small businesses find it hard to compete with larger corporations to fill these positions with such a limited labor pool.

For businesses to get ahead, however, they need to ensure their technology keeps pace with their competitors. If your organization’s computers, servers, software and systems are lagging behind and adding IT experts to your payroll to oversee them all isn’t practical, a Managed IT solution may be just what you need.

Check out the top five must-have services that a Managed IT provider should bring to the table to help your Indy business get ahead...and stay ahead.

1. Proactive Approach With 24/7 Help Desk

The normal approach to handling IT issues is to wait for something to go wrong — the break/fix model. With Managed IT, however, systems are monitored remotely to mitigate security risks and often address problems before they occur or before the user even knows there was an issue. Users can also access a 24/7 helpline via chat simply by clicking on an icon in their toolbars, or contact with a technician by phone.

Recently, one of our clients had a virus that attempted to access their systems, but the antivirus software we provided caught it and put it in quarantine. A technician contacted the affected user who was unaware the incident even took place. Within a few minutes, he removed the threat from her system by remotely accessing her computer. These types of preventative measures and monitoring are critical for maintaining uptime.

2. IT Asset Management

The only way to know if a Managed IT service can help your organization reign in its IT costs and effectively oversee your technology is to know where you stand today. It’s more than just taking an inventory of your existing software and hardware. While doing so is an important foundational step that will help you make strategic decisions about your IT needs going forward, managing your technology assets also helps you determine the value those assets bring to your organization.

For the most effective approach, a Managed IT provider will implement Business Process Optimization (BPO) to identify internal processes and roadblocks and then leverage the latest technology in combination with collaboration from various departments throughout your organization.

3. Compliance Oversight

Software and hardware vendors are always on the lookout for organizations that may be misusing their technology and to protect their intellectual property. If your organization has outdated or expired licensing or has installed software on multiple computers that was only intended for a single device, vendors could fine you for being in violation of their terms and conditions. Managed IT will help ensure that your systems are not only current, but compliant.

4. Data Backup And Recovery

If your company experienced a data breach, malware virus or catastrophic event that destroyed your servers, could you retrieve your data? Sadly, some organizations never recover from such events. While not every threat can be completely eliminated, the consequences can be minimized when a reliable backup and recovery system are in place.

A reputable provider will help put a plan in place and provide the means to execute it. A Managed IT solution will offer secure offsite and Cloud storage solutions to protect your data, and will help train employees on best practices for keeping systems secure.

5. Access To A VCIO

Every business wishes it had a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) on staff, but it’s not financially feasible for many smaller organizations. Yet, small businesses face many of the same security risks and technology issues as larger corporations — sometimes more. When you work with a reliable Managed IT provider, such as the Gordon Flesch Company in Indianapolis, you’ll have a virtual CIO (vCIO) who serves many of the same functions as a CIO would provide if he or she were on the payroll.

A vCIO will meet with you to assess your unique situation and develop a strategic roadmap to determine your software and hardware needs, ensure timely updates, address security threats, evaluate processes and provide recommendations. Then, they regularly conduct reviews to address any changing needs or help support new initiatives.

If you’re considering whether it’s the right time to work with a Managed IT provider, it probably is. Get in touch with us to talk through your needs. We’ll provide a no-cost, no-pressure, no-obligation consultation. Meanwhile, take a look at our free guide for developing a Managed IT roadmap below to get a head start on the conversation.


Our Managed IT roadmap outlines the process of ensuring a successful implementation of a Managed IT program.