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The Secret to Saving Money and Increasing Efficiency as an SMB


Straight Talk about Outsourced IT

Do you know what Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, WhatsApp, and Acer all have in common? They all outsource aspects of their business – and enjoy massive success as a result. You may not be a global megabrand, but outsourcing can still benefit your organization in big ways.

It’s impossible to be a jack-of-all-trades in today’s complex business environment. Outsourcing the things you’re not an expert in frees you to focus on the stuff your company does really well. And that can lead to better productivity and efficiency, more innovation, and substantial cost savings.

Learn more at Executive Q&A: Outsourcing IT

Unless you’re a math genius, you wouldn’t try to solve a complex math equation by yourself. It could take you hours – days even. You’d turn to someone who could do it in minutes and be ready to tackle the next challenge.

But like in the example above, many SMBs try to muddle through the complexities of IT on their own. One Wisconsin company was doing just that – until a cybersecurity scare showed them the advantages of outsourcing their IT strategy and security.

A Real-Life Outsourced IT Success Story

Veridian Homes is a family-owned home builder based in Madison, WI. They’ve been building award-winning homes for more than 60 years. Building homes is what they know and what they do best.


But their outdated email system and aging infrastructure weren’t delivering the email security or collaboration tools this progressive industry leader needed.

When a cybersecurity scare highlighted gaps in their existing email infrastructure, Veridian Homes realized they needed some outside expertise to get their network where it needed to be.

That’s when they turned to ITP. Why? Because information technology is what ITP knows and what we do best. ITP installed a security package designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses, who don’t have the time or expertise to carefully select the tools and resources to properly secure their network.

As a result, Veridian Homes now has world-class data security. Their customer and business information is surrounded by multiple layers of security. Everyone in the company can safely communicate and collaborate from home, office, or on the road. And today, Veridian Homes continues to collaborate with ITP on strategy and improvements.

Dispelling the Myths of Managed IT Services

“Well that’s great,” you may be thinking. “But I have my doubts about outsourcing IT.”

Maybe some of these fears sound familiar:

  • It’s too expensive. We can’t afford to outsource.
  • We can manage with our in-house talent. No one knows our systems better than we do.
  • We already have in-house IT people. What would happen to their jobs?
  • Can we trust them to look out for our best interests?
  • Is their security strong? What if we’re opening ourselves to more security risks?
  • Will they always be available when we need them? What if we go down on a weekend or holiday?

In reality, partnering with an IT provider can save you money, enhance your existing IT team, and take the pressure of IT management away so you can focus on driving the business.

More than half of small businesses now outsource their IT functions for these very reasons. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the experience of a fellow IT leader.

At Executive Q&A: Outsourcing IT April Dichraff, vice president of IT at Veridian Homes, shares the why, how, and when behind her company’s choice to leverage outsourced IT. She discusses topics including:

  • Typical signs that the time is right to outsource your IT department
  • What changes to expect when working with an IT partner
  • Short- and long-term advantages of leveraging external IT resources

Don’t let doubts about IT outsourcing keep your business from enjoying its many advantages.


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