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Elevity is one of the largest and most capable technology management providers in the Midwest. Our team of technology experts can help you reach a truly elevated level of IT strategy, security, solutions and support.

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Project Management: Making IT Projects Tick

Jeff Dotzler
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An Inside Look at ITP’s Project Management

Deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure solution? Maybe you’re finally moving to Windows 10. Whatever tech projects you’ve got on your plate, working with skilled project managers takes the stress out of the process.

When you partner with Elevity, you get more than just hardware, software, and engineering expertise. You get to work with our super-organized, incredibly knowledgeable project management team. And it’s high time we put the spotlight on this important aspect of our company.

These unsung heroes work tirelessly behind the scenes to implement your projects on time and on budget. They keep your project running smoothly and make sure you’re informed every step of the way. In short, they’re the glue that holds all the pieces of your project together.

Good project management is essential to the success of any IT project – big or small. Why? Here are just a few things project managers bring to the table:

  • Leadership and direction
  • Realistic budget estimates and delivery timelines
  • Clear planning and work schedules
  • Quality and cost control
  • Risk management
  • Continuous oversight and regular reporting
  • Subject matter expertise

So let’s meet one of the project management rock stars here at Elevity.

A Conversation with an Elevity Project Coordinator

Conor Duffin
Conor Duffin

Conor Duffin, project coordinator based in our Appleton office, is one of the friendly people who manages the day-to-day aspects of our clients’ projects. He recently gave us the inside scoop on what it takes to provide world-class project management.

Q: What sorts of projects does Elevity manage for our clients?

A: We manage quite the breadth of project work – from traditional and hyperconverged infrastructure to Microsoft cloud and Office 365 migrations, network security, and backup and disaster recovery.

Q: What services does the project team provide?

A: We do it all: planning, coordinating, scheduling, client updates, problem solving. Our team provides technical expertise and insights to the client along the way. Our goal is keeping projects on budget and on schedule.

We involve the client as much as they wish to be in the work. There are the technical customers who want to be hands-on participants in their projects. Then there are organizations that want us to control the project so they don’t have to lift a finger.

Most importantly, though, we emphasize customer experience throughout the project. We provide satisfaction surveys during and after projects for customers to share feedback. Our customers appreciate having an active voice throughout their project process.

Our goal is to deliver the absolute best project deployment possible. We’re not afraid of negative feedback. We take that input and use it to continuously improve the way we do things.

Q: What do you do in your particular role on the project team?

A: I’m responsible for all the non-technical communications and updates to the customer. That includes running kick-off and status update meetings, scheduling, planning, coordination, and providing internal project updates to the ITP team.

Q: Does the Elevity project group work well as a team?

A: Absolutely. On a recent project, our lead engineer wound up sidelined with pneumonia. Thanks to Elevity’s team approach to projects, we were able to seamlessly hand that project off to another engineer and still delivered a great customer experience.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges of IT project management?

A: I would say adapting to changes as projects evolve, goals change, and scopes increase.

Q: How does the project management team demonstrate its value to clients?

A: We’re always focused on the customer and end-user experience. We ensure that new technology is translated into great user experiences

Q: What’s your favorite part about being on the project management team and helping clients with their tech projects?

A: I like helping our clients implement new technologies that allow their businesses to achieve more. It’s so gratifying to see the real-world impact of the projects we do. Plus, I get to work with new and exciting technologies. That’s pretty cool.

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Big or small, simple or complex, our projects team has the experience to make your next IT project painless. Visit our Project Work page for more info.

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