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Planning Your Tech Strategy for 2020 & 2021


Finding Profitability with Smart Tech Decisions

May Thought Leadership Social-RevisedYou prepared for 2020 thinking it would be another average year. Then 2020 came along and kicked over your Jenga tower of carefully laid plans and budgets. How can you pick up the pieces and get back on track?

Watch our webinar “IT Strategy Trends Impacting Your Profitability in 2020” for guidance. We’ll discuss the key tech and business trends to keep in mind as you rebuild your strategy for the rest of the year and beyond.


3 Tips for Adapting to Change

Change is a fact of life – but embracing change is sometimes easier said than done. These tips can help you and your business stay nimble and responsive.

Acknowledge and Accept Change

It’s so much easier to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. But staying in denial about the changing world around you is only going to hold you back. Letting go of your old mindset and accepting that changes are needed will help your business move forward and evolve.

Encourage a Culture of Innovation

Nokia went from the best-selling mobile phone brand on the planet to a dying business in just 6 years. Why? The short answer is a corporate culture of fear, deception, and heavy-handed management. People were afraid to tell the truth – and as a result the company couldn’t adjust to changes in the mobile industry.

Don’t make the mistakes Nokia did. The collective brainpower of your employees is one of your most valuable assets – and an important source of ideas for overcoming all kinds of hurdles.

Empower your employees to challenge the status quo and share outside-the-box thinking. Collaborating with your team vs. telling them what to do makes your employees feel invested in the well-being of the business. A culture of teamwork and innovation makes employees more apt to find creative solutions to the challenges your organization faces.

Keep One Foot in the Present

It’s important to think with the future in mind. But don’t overlook the present. Having a solid understanding of where your business, your customers, and your industry are today can actually help you pivot more quickly when unplanned changes pop up.

That’s where our webinar comes in. “IT Strategy Trends Impacting Your Profitability in 2020” gives you a bird’s eye view of what other organizations are currently doing regarding:

  • IT infrastructure enhancements
  • Hardware refreshes
  • Employee productivity
  • Remote team management
  • Data privacy
  • Endpoint protection
  • BYOD policies
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more

You’ll learn what should be on your immediate radar to position yourself for success as 2020 progresses.


Changing your stride mid-year can be tough. It’s like dancing a waltz, but then suddenly the music changes to a cha-cha. But one thing is for sure. The SMBs that can react and re-strategize have a stronger chance of surviving and even thriving in the coming months.


May Thought Leadership Social-Revised


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