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Is My Business Too Complicated for Outsourcing IT?

David Eichkorn
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Technology management can be complicated. It can be messy too. But that is why a knowledgeable, Managed IT solutions provider might be the correct choice to sort through the messy stuff and help you streamline your technology management.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some need a fully managed IT solution with all IT services being outsourced to a reputable provider. Others prefer a co-managed solution where the business’ internal IT team outsources selected ongoing or project work.

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A skilled Technology Management provider can not only do both, but they can also evaluate your needs and suggest customized solutions to solve your most pressing problems and keep things running smoothly.

What could outsourcing your IT to a Technology Management provider, look like?

Here are some real-world examples of how Elevity has assisted clients in a variety of market sectors.

Businesses with Multiple Locations

Sometimes an internal IT team needs additional help to rollout a new software system in order to integrate and unify multiple locations of an organization.

The internal IT team at the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) was doing piecemeal Microsoft® Office version upgrades. This method was found to be inefficient and time-consuming as they struggled to keep up with the needs of their users and network.

Elevity assisted ASA to deploy the Microsoft Office 365 platform for easier collaboration and for secure access to email and documents from anywhere.

“Elevity knew our pain points and came in with a solution that really works. Working with them made the whole experience headache-free.” – Ian Popkewitz, Director of IT and Operations

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Law Firms

System uptime is important for any organization. But for a law firm, it’s critical. When Krekler Strother was struggling to keep computers and applications up, they turned to Elevity for help.

After assessing the law firm’s needs, Elevity solution architects developed a custom solution that included a quick, seamless replacement of all computers and monitors, 24/7 help desk support and back-ups continuously running in the background to increase the firm’s security.

“Support is friendly and knowledgeable, and techs respect your time and money. Any updates or necessary support are done when it’s convenient for you.” – Kathy Kelm, Office Administrator

Universities and Higher Education

A patchworked system in need of updates with outdated and non-uniform software was creating a poor user experience and overwhelming the internal IT staff at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS), a leader in career training for health care professions.

Elevity experts offered NUHS a customized solution that could be standardized across their campuses, spanning several states. This solution offered NUHS a hybrid IT environment that easily integrated with existing personnel and systems. The software also has easy-to-use reporting tools, so IT staff have more data available about their systems.

“Having an incredibly knowledgeable vCIO from Elevity has made for a true technology partnership with NUHS.” – Ron Mensching Vice President, Business Services

Non-Profit Organizations

Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) struggled with frequent outages and disjointed technology – both of which hindered their productivity and stretched their budget.

Elevity implemented a centralized server housed in SOWI’s data center and also provided outsourced network management. Employees can access applications and documents securely across seven locations and also remotely using VDI on a centralized server with high availability.

This has allowed SOWI to use their technology budget more effectively, while still having access to top notch resources and tools. In the event that network availability issues arise, SOWI has easy access to Elevity’s responsive engineering resources to quickly resolve any issues.

“Working with Elevity, our technology budget is spent more efficiently. We lean on their engineers for experience and expertise, rather than hiring an in-house resource. By outsourcing our network management, we can allocate more of our funding towards hosting sporting events and tournaments for our community.” – Don Wigington, Vice President of Sports & Health Programs

Government Offices

Having updated, dependable network infrastructure is crucial for the City of Pewaukee and their network supporting vital services such as the fire department, public works and the city clerk’s office. But the cost to replace everything was prohibitively expensive for the city’s limited IT budget and IT staff of one.

Elevity recommended the Scale Computing hyperconverged platform. It allowed the city to upgrade and expand their virtual environment for less than half the cost of going through other vendors. Plus, Elevity and Scale Computing deliver top-notch customer support anytime day or night.

“It was the smoothest migration I’ve been a part of in nearly 30 years in IT. The cutover didn’t disrupt any essential services. I had the confidence of knowing exactly what was happening at all times and always received quick responses to my questions.” – Bobby Kewan, IT Director

Growing Manufacturers

Growing by acquisition can often strain a business as it works to integrate their shared services into a single IT infrastructure. Saco Foods needed to scale their business technology and be ready for future acquisitions.

After Elevity assessed the situation, they helped Saco Foods implement Microsoft Azure to help modernize the company’s infrastructure. Saco Foods can now scale their infrastructure as their needs change.

Azure’s flexible robust storage system can handle the company’s workload. Plus, it makes maintaining compliance easy. In addition, Elevity performed this migration over a weekend, which allowed the Saco Foods IT staff to stay focused on integrating their most recent acquisition while Elevity handled the business office technology.

“Elevity has always kept our business ahead of the trends that are pushing our industry forward.” – Tom Walzer, Chief Executive Officer

The Elevity 4S Approach

Are you searching for a proactive and strategic approach to technology, support and security that elevates it to its rightful place as a critical tool for business growth?

Contact the experts at Elevity. You can be assured that we will expertly apply our tried and tested 4S approach (Strategy, Security, Solutions and Support) to everything that we do.

How could outsourcing your IT make a positive impact on your organization? Click the link below to download the 5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT infographic and find out.

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