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New Case Study Showcases Azure Advantages


A Cloud Solution for Any Sized Business

Wegner Hoffman & Associates had a problem. As a premier accounting firm in central Wisconsin, their existing network was holding them back. Their traditional server was slow, cumbersome, and challenging to manage.

But as a small company with no IT professional on staff, installing an expensive new on-premise system didn’t make sense for them. So ITP recommended moving completely to the Microsoft Azure cloud using their Reserved Instance option.

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Why Azure?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently dominates the public cloud market. But that might not be true for long. In JP Morgan’s CIO survey, 27% of CIOs said Microsoft was their “must-have” vendor. AWS, by contrast, was named “most integral vendor” by only 12% of CIOs.

Microsoft Azure helps companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises:

Save Money: Your organization doesn’t have to buy, configure, maintain, and repair hardware to run cloud-based workloads. You also save on indirect costs, like the physical space required to house servers and the electricity to keep them running.

Avoid Downtime: Because Azure-based resources are virtual, they won’t unexpectedly fail and cause downtime while you wait for repairs or a replacement.

Easily Scale: Virtual resources can scale up or down in a way that physical hardware can’t, making it simple to handle the ups and downs of your company’s traffic and data usage.

Have You Heard About Reserved Instances?

One of the biggest advantages of going with Azure is Reserved Instances. An Azure Reserved Instance is a virtual machine on the Azure public cloud reserved for dedicated use on a one- or three-year basis.

Why is this so great?

Cost Savings: Committing to one year or three years of Azure resources means a serious discount. You can reduce your costs by up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go pricing.

Flexibility: Azure makes it easy to monitor your usage and make adjustments to your reserved space as needed to better match your business needs.

Billing That Works for Your Budget: You can pay for a reservation up-front or monthly. The total cost of up-front and monthly reservations is the same and you don’t pay any extra fees when you choose to pay monthly.

See how one company completely transformed their network with Azure Reserved Instances.


Wondering if the cloud is right for your business? We can help you find out. At ITP, we take the time to conduct a thorough assessment of your situation before making any recommendations. Contact ITP to start the conversation at

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