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IT Budget Resources to Help Your Business Succeed


No one enjoys spending money. Yes, it's nice to have new products and services, but in general, people want to hold onto their greenbacks for important purchases and unexpected costs. That's why having an IT budget is so important to the success of your business.

It's Officially IT Budget Season

Remember, budgeting season doesn't have to be hectic and intimidating. It can be a smooth process that helps your organization set the ball in motion for your whole year. And we're here to help with a whole new slate of IT budgeting offerings to help you plan. Our set of technology-focused budgeting tools helps you map out your IT timelines, updates/improvements you need, and where you can save a few extra dollars.

Get an inside look at successful IT budgeting from the experts at ITP!

Get an inside look at a successful IT budget from the experts at ITP!

What you get from ITP's Budgeting Resources:

In our FREE package of resources, we have your entire budget planning process covered. To start, we objectively evaluate your current IT infrastructure. Moreover, we'll show you how to plan for what's coming up next by setting strategic goals for your organization’s technology and user services.

In the final two stages, we’ll help you simplify the budgeting process – with a pre-built budget template and a timeline to assist you in getting the budgeting conversation started sooner for greater transparency and faster approval. Additionally, these four tools by themselves are each strong starting points, but the combination of all four will really position your team for financial and technological success in 2019.

Included in this package:

  • The Good IT Template – defining your technology benchmarks and priorities
  • Strategic IT Template – planning for where you’re headed next
  • The IT Budget Template – a simple Excel file for forecasting costs
  • IT Budgeting Process – a timeline that will set you up for budgeting success

Interested and want to know more about our package? If so, click through to our Budget Resources web page to download our resources for FREE!

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