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How to Transition from Your Retiring IT Person to Outsourced IT

Nick Bambulas
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Do you remember the episode of the Office where the company server rebooted, and no one remembered the password? The password had been set by an IT technician only remembered as “the guy with the glasses,” eight technicians ago.

It’s incredibly convenient to have an experienced IT person on staff. They know your network inside and out, know all the features, tricks, tips and passwords. They understand the organization culture and have a grasp on the tools and services the team members use every day. We’ve met a lot of small to midsize companies that have gotten used to their “IT guy” over the years. This person might be reliable and knowledgeable, but what to you do when that person is ready to leave or retire?


If you find yourself in a difficult spot because your company is losing a long-time IT staffer, you’re not alone. This is a transition a lot of organizations are forced to navigate, sooner or later. Retirements or career changes happen all the time. Plus, the increased demand on business technology from COVID-19, (plus a massive shortage of technology professionals in general) makes it difficult for SMBs to hire tech professionals.

You might mourn losing a trusted friend when an IT person retires, but having one person as a single source of knowledge is not good business practice. Thanks to the ‘Great Resignation’ and current hiring landscape, technology professionals have an even lower unemployment rate that the national average.

Successful IT management depends on having your technical knowledge transferable and available whenever you need it. Unless your company’s core business is in technology services, building an in-house IT team is an almost impossible task. Recruiting, training, supporting, managing and providing the necessary equipment are all expensive and time consuming. If your core business is not IT, do you know how to provide a structured career path for qualified IT professionals?


Thinking about re-hiring another IT person? Consider a strategic move that better protects your organization from repeating this same scenario. A better solution is to move from a trusted IT person to a trusted technology management service without disrupting your current IT operations. The benefits?

You’ll gain access to a broad spectrum of experience, from a level one service desk engineer to a highly experienced senior engineer. You’ll have amazing documentation of your network, your tools and services. You’ll never be fearful of you IT person going on vacation or being out sick as there will be a deep bench of backup staff in place. And finally – you’ll have access to support above and beyond your normal business operating hours.

What does a transfer of knowledge entail? Here are some steps you’ll need to take to make sure your business is ready to switch IT managed services.

First, make sure you have all necessary login information and administrative access to all your accounts. Find a partner that offers a thorough cybersecurity assessment of your business to ensure there are no backdoors to your valuable company information.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, schedule IT training sessions with your new managed IT service as soon as possible so your staff members can learn how to master new programs and cybersecurity rules easily.


Selecting the right IT managed service provider to replace your current IT team member is not an easy task. Here are some tips that can help you make smart decisions.

  • Are they locally reputable? Look up reviews online and ask prospective IT managed services to provide references from clients they have worked with in the past. Consider reviewing their employment profile and reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed.
  • Do they have a laser focus on strategy? Make sure the IT service can meet not only your current but can provide a technology roadmap for your future needs
  • Is cybersecurity a high priority? Choose an IT service provider that puts a premium on cybersecurity services. Data breaches are becoming more commonplace than ever, with more than eight billion records exposed in the last year.

Switching to managed IT services can be challenging and shouldn’t be rushed into. With a looming retirement date or a two weeks’ notice, it can be tempting to just hire the first provider that can take your phone call. We encourage you to do careful research to ensure your new provider is the best fit for your business and then start the transition process before your IT staff member leaves the company.

Doing so will protect your business from disruptions while improving your IT efficiency and security. To learn how Elevity can manage your technology needs, reach out to our team of technology experts and see if our managed technology service is right for your business.

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