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How to Radically Improve School and Gov't IT Infrastructure

Peter Niebler
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Dispelling the Myths of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

When you hear “hyperconverged infrastructure” maybe you envision a perplexing array of hardware and cables overflowing out of your tiny network closet. Or maybe you see huge dollar signs floating in the air as you worry over the cost of such a solution.

Think hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is too expensive and complex for cities and schools? Think again.

Myth 1: HCI Costs Too Much

Are your days spent running from one problem to the next? Do you find yourself putting out fire after fire? If you rely on outdated tech, inefficacies and reactive repairs suck up your valuable time and run up plenty of unexpected costs.

Isn’t it time for a change? Schools and local governments all over the U.S. are moving to HCI because it:

  • Reduces costs
  • Simplifies day-to-day management responsibilities
  • Provides a reliable network to users
  • Delivers dependable business continuity

HCI’s simplicity and reliability relieve the burden of outdated tech and create more bandwidth in your day. Just look at the case studies at the bottom of the page.

But surely something this powerful and all-inclusive would be way out of the range of a tight budget, right? Actually no. And here’s why.

HCI systems like Scale Computing have a low cost of ownership and are designed with schools and governments in mind. There’s no additional software licensing needed. They’re also far less complex than other solutions, simplifying the management and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Myth 2: No Single Solution Can Simplify My Sprawling Network

Many school systems and local governments have distributed networks spread across multiple locations. They need a scalable, flexible IT solution capable of processing compute at the edge of the network.

That’s exactly what HCI does. It’s a scalable, flexible, and economical IT solution housing server, storage, virtualization, disaster recovery, and even edge computing – all in a single platform. It delivers reliable network performance across multiple sites and thousands of users.

Yet it’s simple enough for a one-person team to manage and maintain. It only takes minutes a day – leaving you more time to:

  • Work on new projects
  • Be proactive and strategic
  • Provide better service to your users

Myth 3: A Strong Network Requires Multiple Vendors

How many different vendors do you work with to keep your network running smoothly? One vendor for servers, another vendor for storage, a third for virtualization, and maybe even more.

Your network doesn’t have to be this complex. What if you only had to work with one provider? HCI is a single-platform solution for all your network needs:

  • Server
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Edge computing

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