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How Law Firms Can Reduce IT Headaches

Patrick Flesch
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Practicing law, by nature, requires a lot of paperwork. There are court filings, correspondence, exhibits, evidence and a variety of other documentation related to virtually all cases, and the ensuing paper trail is time — and space — consuming. Add to it the risk of inadvertently misplacing or destroying original records and the need for a technology-based solution becomes readily apparent.

A trusted IT partner like Gordon Flesch Company integrates the right combination of hardware and software solutions to help law firms large and small save time, money and resources, including:

Managed Print Services

Printing documents is a necessity for law firms, and probably always will be. This can generate reams of wasted paper for the recycling bin, upend supply management, create usage disparity among printers and even cause accidental but expensive misfires of printing in color when black and white is all that’s necessary.

Your Managed Print provider takes responsibility for improving your overall workflow by using a three-step process to diagnose your current challenges and apply the technology solutions your law firm needs to succeed:

  1. Virtual assessment of your print output equipment to roadmap an efficient plan based on your usage, supply management and purchasing habits.
  2. Seamless integration of best in class software into your current systems and custom implementation of training, rules and processes that helps your entire staff use fewer devices, less energy and less paper.
  3. Value-added continuous improvement that maximizes performance as your needs evolve, including finding ways to save even more money and resources.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM is pivotal for law firm efficiencies. It manages and organizes documents using digital capture and stores them securely in a central, password-protected repository that:

  • Allows only authorized users to access folders, documents and fields
  • Monitors system login and logout, document creation and destruction and password changes.

In addition to enhanced security, ECM promotes improved collaboration as authorized users can search, find, edit and share documents from virtually anywhere — in the office, in the courtroom or even at home. No searching through banks of filing cabinets, frequently exchanging paper documents among team members or wasting time in meetings to make or review changes.

Onsite Services

Delegating administrative time to IT tasks can quickly drain resources. IT partners like Gordon Flesch Company offer comprehensive onsite services that take the burden off of staff when it comes to:

  • Copier, printer and fax management
  • Equipment networking
  • Mailroom distribution
  • Procurement service

Keep your firm’s focus on practicing law. Partner with Gordon Flesch Company for your IT needs. Start by requesting your complimentary Business Technology Needs Assessment today.

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