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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Microsoft Products?

Jeff Dotzler
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If You’re Not Sure, Come to a Customer Immersion Experience

Bet you didn’t know that Microsoft technology is like the high-performance sports car of the IT world. Not knowing how to use your Microsoft products to their full potential is like driving a Lamborghini on the autobahn at 25 mph.

Elevity hosts Customer Immersion Experiences (CIEs) in our offices to take you on a deep dive of Office 365, Sharepoint, Teams, and other Microsoft products.

IMG_4794It’s the ultimate test track. Each CIE is customized to cover the topics most important to you. No dry presentation that drones on for hours. No sales pitch. No watching the presenter go through all the bells and whistles alone while you sit twiddling your thumbs.

It’s just hands-on fun – and you’re in the driver’s seat! Think of a CIE like test-driving an Aston Martin. Put it through its paces. Open it up. Really see what it can do.

How to Tell If You Should Try a CIE

You use Microsoft products, but …

  • Don’t feel very familiar with all the amazing things they can do
  • Don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth out of them
  • Feel like there’s something you’re not understanding about them

If you nodded your head to any of those, you’d definitely benefit from a CIE. It’s also a great idea if you’re considering moving to a Microsoft product but want to take a test drive before committing.

Meet One of Our CIE Facilitators

Josh Moore, Customer Immersion Experience facilitator

Josh Moore is a senior solutions architect at Elevity – when he’s not running awesome CIE sessions, that is. 

As a facilitator, Josh knows Microsoft products front-to-back, side-to-side, and everywhere in between. He can help you see how Office 365, Teams, and other products break down barriers to communication, collaboration, and productivity in your company.

I caught up with Josh recently and asked him to share his thoughts on CIE sessions. 

Q: Why should an individual or company do a CIE?

A: It can help them understand the various tools included for collaboration in Microsoft 365 as well as the value proposition those tools can bring to their organization.

On-premise Exchange users have a hard time visualizing what Office 365 can do. A CIE is a sandbox where you can play with the tools and have candid discussions. It helps users see Microsoft product capabilities not as a leap of faith, but as something tangible that they understand.

Q: What are some common things people are interested in learning about in a CIE?

A: The most valuable portion of the experience tends to be when we talk about Teams and the collaboration it provides on files, video chat, and meetings. The other popular piece I get asked about a lot is Planner. I show people how to better manage tasks and due dates, thus raising the level of accountability within the organization.

Q: Why does Elevity go to all the trouble of providing CIEs?

A: They increase enthusiasm in people about the adoption of technologies that they likely already own. For new customers, a CIE gives them a “seeing is believing” experience.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a CIE facilitator?

A: Definitely meeting new people and getting to express my sense of humor.

Ready to request your own CIE? Talk to your Elevity account manager or contact us.

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