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5 Tactics for Taking on Digital Transformation

Jeff Dotzler
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Change or Be Left Behind

We’re approaching an era in which being digital is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s the price of admission for doing business. Additionally, many of today’s employees are far more digitally mature than the companies they work for. Businesses that aren’t focusing on their digital futures are falling further and further behind their competition.

How does a company stand out in a world where every organization is using technology? What can businesses do to catch up to and fully utilize their more digitally mature workforces?

This is where digital transformation comes in. A digital transformative strategy can help you enhance your customers’ experience, increase your productivity, and remain competitive in your industry. How? By using tech tools to overcome your company’s internal challenges.

What is Digital Transformation? Behind the Buzzword

In a nutshell, digital transformation creates meaningful competitive advantages for your business with technology. It’s using tech in innovative, creative ways to solve traditional problems.

Digital transformation is more than just digitizing your information or enhancing your traditional methods with tech. It’s about modernizing how your company works and competes in an evolving digital economy. It’s leveraging tech to remake your processes, your environment, and your data into something more efficient and effective.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all definition. Every company must determine what their unique digital transformation will look like. Some businesses will jump all-in, completely overhauling their digital and business strategies. For other businesses, digital transformation can be something as simple as moving from on-premise email to Office 365.

Whatever form your company’s digital transformation takes, best practices like the ones below can help you achieve your goals.

Secrets of Successful Transformations

1. Establish Clear Goals Up-Front

What do you want to achieve through digital transformation? Cost savings? A faster pace of innovation? Spend time at the beginning determining what your goals are and what a successful transformation would look like for your company. Your desired end result will drive which strategies you use to get there. And getting your strategy right dictates the overall success of your transformation.

2. Avoid Culture Shock

No digital transformation can truly take hold without support from your workforce. In fact, part of transformation is changing the way employees think about how they do their jobs. When talking about the transformation, meet the employees where they are. Use language they can understand. Avoid jargon and fancy tech terms. Tailor your messages to speak to your company’s overall corporate culture.

3. Clean Up Your Data

Remember the saying “garbage in, garbage out"? If your data is a mess to begin with, digitizing it won’t magically clean it up. This is your opportunity to better organize and update your data. Also, information trapped inside silos needs to be brought into a single repository so everyone is working from the same data. High-quality business performance begins with high-quality data.

4. Start Small

The hardest part of a digital transformation journey is often just getting started. It’s smart to walk before you run – especially if your company isn’t familiar with the tech you’re implementing. Select some small projects and approach them with modest expectations. As you complete one project, you can apply what you’ve learned to the next one and begin gaining momentum towards larger initiatives.

5. Focus on Solving Problems

Terms like blockchain, Internet of Things, and cloud computing sound exciting and innovative. But don’t get carried away by the tech itself. Remember that the main goal of digital transformation is to solve business problems. If you’re focused more on the technology than the problem, the project will likely fail.

Elevity has the experience and resources to guide you through your digital transformation. We can help you pinpoint the problems to solve and identify the appropriate technology tools you’ll need. From cloud migrations to Office 365 and edge computing, we’re here to help you apply the power and possibility of today’s tech to your business.

Take the first step towards your very own digital transformation with our network assessment.

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