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Managed IT Case Study: Wegner Hoffman & Associates

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 04/07/2020


When Roseann Hoffman came on board with Paula Wegner to establish Wegner Hoffman & Associates as a premier accounting firm in central Wisconsin, the office’s existing server began holding them back. Roseann didn’t know how to manage a server, and the part-time IT person she depended on for server support wasn’t always available.


As the business kept growing, the firm found itself hobbled by a slow, cumbersome server that
was struggling to keep up with their expanding IT needs. Wegner Hoffman needed a solution that was faster, easier to manage, and could grow along with the business.

“I had two main challenges. One – a slow, complicated system I knew absolutely nothing about. And two – working with an IT support individual that wasn’t always able to be there for us when we needed them. I knew we needed to make a change,” says Rosann Hoffman.


Elevity recommended moving completely to the cloud through Azure Reserved Instances. Using Azure virtual machines in the cloud, Elevity set up the firm’s new environment to mirror their existing one, so there was zero business interruption.

Once they moved to the cloud, the firm began hosting Quickbooks in the cloud using
Cloud App Hosting. Now the firm can easily access their clients’ Quickbooks files without Team Viewer or the expensive online version of the app. Using the cloud, both the firm and their clients can be hands-on with Quickbooks, even working in the same file simultaneously.


Wegner Hoffman now enjoys the speed, convenience, and userfriendliness of a cloud-based system that can scale with the business. Roseann can count on Elevity to always be there for her with knowledgeable support when she has requests or problems. With Elevity providing network monitoring and management, she’s free to focus on managing the company.

“Before Elevity, if our system went down, we panicked, we stressed out, and we didn’t know when we would be back up and running. Now with Elevity, if we have an issue, I just send them an email. It’s a lot less stress,” says Rosann.


"Trying to manage our slow old server was a nightmare. Elevity made our transition to the cloud very, very smooth with absolutely no business disruption. Now we have a dependable cloud solution that lets us better serve our clients.”
— Rosann Hoffman
Owner & CPA


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