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Managed IT Case Study: New Resources Consulting

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 03/04/2020


New Resources Consulting (NRC), based in Milwaukee, WI, connects companies with tools and technologies that improve their efficiency and give them a competitive edge. But NRC had a problem on their hands. Their existing phone and chat systems were old, failing and needed to be replaced.


Chris Hippensteel, network and system administrator at NRC, was trying to keep their old PBX phone system together, but the system was no longer receiving software updates and the hardware was starting to fail.

The company’s chat application, Skype for Business, was also approaching its end-of life.

“I was basically putting BandAids on our PBX phone system until I could find a replacement. I knew it was time to upgrade, and I wanted a single solution that delivered both voice and chat,” says Chris Hippensteel.


Microsoft Teams delivered everything Chris was looking for. It provided chat, voice, video conferencing, and file sharing in one solution.

Chris ran a proof-of-concept that let him roll out the solution to a small test group of users. This controlled roll-out enabled him to identify and resolve issues ahead of a company-wide deployment.

Using Teams also allowed the company to keep their current phone provider and phone
numbers. And thanks to Elevity’s experience with Teams, the full implementation and cutover was simple and smooth.


Teams has enabled NRC employees to easily work from home or while on the road without having to log into multiple programs. Joining and scheduling calls is easy and employees can share their screens with clients to showcase new solutions or work on issues.

“Teams is working really well for us,” says Chris. "Not only does that help with work-life balance, it also helps our staff be more productive, which in turn helps our clients get the solutions they need more quickly.”


"We went from using multiple, older products to one streamlined solution. With Teams, we have the voice quality, video conferencing, file sharing and calendaring functions we need to stay connected and get the job done.”
— Chris Hippensteel
Network and System Administrator


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