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Elevity, a division of Gordon Flesch Company, provides comprehensive technology management services. Their IT experts take a holistic approach and provide a right-sized plan with a tailored strategy, robust security, best-in-class solutions and unrivaled support.

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Managed IT Case Study: Laffey, Sebranek, Auby & Ristau, S.C.

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 12/21/2020


Laffey, Sebranek, Auby & Ristau, S.C. (LSAR) was founded in 1966. They serve clients throughout southern Wisconsin in commercial law, banking, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate and civil litigation. This growing law firm needed a knowledgeable IT partner who could help them organize their busy caseload while ensuring their clients’ confidential data was safe from cyber threats.


LSAR has numerous cases going at any one time. Trying to keep all of that documentation organized and accessible to the firm’s staff was becoming a immense problem. In addition, their IT infrastructure was not providing reliable data backups or dependable cybersecurity, putting the firm at serious risk of major data loss. LSAR needed an IT partner that understood the unique needs of law firms and could guide them towards better IT decisions.

“Elevity took a holistic look at our entire network and helped us see where we were vulnerable and what we could do to improve our situation. They made software and hardware recommendations to help us better organize and manage our caseload.” says Eric Ristau.


Elevity deployed Time Matters software to provide cohesive content management for the firm’s documents. Elevity’s security bundle delivers complete, layered protection around their network and users. The firm moved to Office 365, making it easy for staff to access information and apps from wherever they are. And now the firm has complete data backups they can trust – no more tape backups.

"We started with a system that wasn’t being updated to maintain ever-changing security needs and had questionable backup technology. We also didn’t have IT emergency planning in place at all. Thanks to Elevity, now we have a system that’s very efficient, backs up everything, is organized and redundant. Elevity has helped us grow our practice over the last 10 years." says Eric Ristau.


For the past decade, LSAR’s partnership with Elevity continues to prove successful. When COVID hit in 2020, LSAR was already set up to work remotely and could continue helping clients. As the IT and cybersecurity landscape changes, Elevity ensures the firm stays current with the latest technology and protections.

“Elevity is very responsive and always ready to help us. Knowing we’re secure on the IT front gives me a lot of peace of mind. I like referring other law firms to Elevity because I know they’re one of the very best IT partners in the legal profession.” says Eric Ristau.

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“As lawyers, we’re trained to trust no one, but I trust Elevity. They can explain things to us non-IT folks in plain English. Everything we do with Elevity is strategic and well-executed.”

— Eric Ristau
Attorney & Partner

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