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Managed IT Case Study: City of Pewaukee

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 08/07/2020


As the sole IT employee for the City of Pewaukee, it was up to Bobby Kewan to determine what to do when the city’s network needed to be upgraded. It wasn’t a situation to take lightly. The city’s network supports vital services like the fire department, public works, and the city clerk’s office. Having updated, dependable network infrastructure was crucial. But the cost to replace everything was prohibitively expensive for the city’s limited IT budget.


In 2018, the city’s SAN began running out of space and needed to be upgraded along with the
hypervisor and host servers. However, the $150,000 price tag to replace them was impossibly expensive.

“My equipment was aging and starting to fail. I was struggling to come up with the money in my tight annual budget to pay for what was going to be very expensive replacements. I needed a solution I could not only depend on but also afford – and I needed guidance from an experienced IT provider,” says Bobby Kewan.


After a thorough network assessment, Elevity recommended the Scale Computing hyperconverged platform. It allowed the city to upgrade and expand their virtual environment for less than half the cost of going through other vendors. Scale Computing was also faster and easier to use than the city’s previous system. Now Bobby can add more space to a server in less than 10 minutes.

“It was the smoothest migration I’ve been a part of in nearly 30 years in IT. The cutover didn’t disrupt any essential services. I had the confidence of knowing exactly what was happening at all times and always received quick responses to my questions. Working with Elevity on the transition to Scale Computing made the entire process seamless.”


Thanks to Scale Computing and Elevity, the City of Pewaukee replaced aging infrastructure with a stress-free, easy-to-manage solution that stayed well within budget. Vital city services now run on an upgraded platform that will serve the city dependably for years to come. Scale Computing is constantly monitoring the system and regularly supplies updates and new hardware for Bobby. Plus, Elevity and Scale Computing deliver top-notch customer support anytime day or night – an invaluable service for the only city IT employee.


"Elevity’s experience and responsiveness made moving to Scale Computing one of the smoothest migrations I’ve ever done. Now I have an upgraded solution in place that costs me less money and uses less equipment.”
— Bobby Kewan
IT Director


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